Latte at Cafe Gravity in Inglewood

Those who know me know I love a great latte or cappuccino. Those who know me also know that Starbucks, generally, won’t cut it. I love coffee shops for many reasons, good coffee, great atmosphere, and yummy treats. A great coffee is definitely my guilty pleasure and I am always in search of an authentic cafe that does coffee right! Here is my top five favourites, in Calgary.

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1. Cafe Gravity -909 10 Street SE, Calgary, AB

I love this place for many reasons but my top reason is their high-end, delicious coffee. Their latte is always constant and the espresso never tastes burnt. They have a variety of meal options and specials on Friday’s. If you don’t feel like a coffee, no problem, they have a great selection of wine and beer. If you are stopping by for breakfast, I would highly suggest a bagel because they are simply DELICIOUS! Not only does Cafe Gravity have great coffee and great food, on Friday and Saturday nights they have live music! It’s nice to get work done to some mellow tunes or for an evening out with friends. The cover is $10 but is optional and the proceeds are split between the artist and a local charity. Cafe Gravity has great ambience and they rotate their artwork. Cafe Gravity is located right in Inglewood where you can grab a latte to go and stroll the quaint streets.

Chai latte at Vendome
Chai latte at Vendome

2. Vendome Cafe – 940 2nd Avenue NW, Calgary, AB

Vendome Cafe is another Calgary gem. Hidden in the quaint neighbourhood of Sunnyside, Vendome is definitely a cafe everyone should visit. They have good, high-quality coffee drinks, my personal though, is their chai latte. It is spiced perfectly and always has just the right amount of cinnamon added throughout. Aside from their delectable drinks is their simply to die for menu. On the weekends, and a lot of times during the week for that matter, it can be nearly impossible to find a seat but their brunch is definitely worth the wait. Their mouth-watering salted caramel french toast with caramelized bananas complete with cream cheese whipped cream is amazing, as is everything on the menu. A personal favourite of mine is the vegetarian breakfast sandwich and I can’t forget about their butternut squash soup, so delish! Vendome is closed for renovations until March, but when they re-open I highly recommend checking this place out.

Fratello Analog latte at the Calgary Farmers Market
Fratello Analog latte at the Calgary Farmers Market

3. Fratello Analog Coffee and Analog Cafe by Fratello Coffee Roasters – Calgary Farmers Market and 17th Avenue, SW.

Great, great, great coffee. They offer a great variety of coffee beverages, including the pour-over style. They are truly coffee artists and the taste is always what you expect each and every time. I mostly grab a latte at the Fratello Analog Coffee at the Farmers Market but I have also been to the Analog Cafe on 17th Ave. They bring you a great taste and a beautifully presented beverage while you are strolling through the market, and Analog Cafe offers a world-class coffee experience. The atmosphere of Analog Cafe is something comparable to what I would think you would find in New York or London, I just love the decor to go along with my latte or cappuccino. Also, the hours at the 17th ave location are extensive, open from 6:30am-12am, which is great for meeting friends, getting work done, or for that late-night stroll.

Fratello Coffe Roasters are a local coffee roaster that bring to us these amazing cafes with their consciously sourced coffee and 29 years of roasting experience. Check them out today!

Latte and potato salad at Phil and Sebastians in Marda Loop
Latte and potato salad at Phil and Sebastians in Marda Loop

4. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters – All locations

Phil and Sebastian coffee is smooth and unique. They offer some interesting options when it comes to your traditional coffee experience, including one that has pure chocolate in it! Amazing! Seeing a need for better coffee in Calgary, two locals, decide to roast their own coffee and open up a series of cafes. (Their history is much more extensive on their website and if you love Phil & Sebastian coffee, like I do, I suggest reading through it, here.) Along with their great selection of hand-crafted drinks and locally roasted, ethically sourced coffee, they have a yummy menu with everything from great salads to delectable pastries and deserts. With six locations in Calgary, they are definitely a must-visit.

5. Good Earth Cafes – Calgary

Now, this may seem like an interesting choice and I know there are so many other great cafes in Calgary, but I chose Good Earth as my number five favourite because they are everywhere and most of the time the drinks are constructed pretty well. Some locations are open 24-hours and they have a great selection of quick grab and go bites. It can be a bit pricey, as can all local coffee shops but Good Earth has a lot to offer. My favourite is a large triple shot whole milk latte, yes, lots of caffeine, and a slice of their pumpkin loaf. With their selection of sandwiches and mac n’ cheese as well as their soups, stews and baked goods, there is always something for everyone. My favourite location is Glenmore Landing in the SW because they have a lot of space and usually the best selection of food.