My Beautycounter Must Haves and 20% off site-wide!

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I talk a lot on this blog about why I feel it is important to know what is in the products that you are using and there is no better time than now to try some!

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Here are some of my current favourites:


Ultra-fine pearls instantly brighten features and give skin a subtle, luminous glow. Available in two shades that complement all skin tones, Luminous Powder Highlighters catch the light with a pearlized sheen.

Beautycounter highlighter formula is specially designed without questionable ingredients for subtle, buildable luminosity. It is triple-milled to a precise, silky-smooth consistency and formulated with Butterpowder—an ingredient that boosts wear—so it lays down evenly and blends seamlessly. Includes removable mirror.


2. Adaptive Moisture Lotion

Skin at its peak performance.

This lightweight lotion helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life. Not only does it provide 24-hours of hydration — it actually adjusts hydration levels throughout the day for a smooth look and feel and radiant glow. Breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Consumer Panel Test Results:

In an independent consumer study, after two weeks of use*:

  • 93% said it provides instant and long lasting hydration
  • 93% noticed skin feels smoother
  • 90% said skin looks and feels healthier


*Results obtained from consumer panel study of 30 women.



3. Beautycounter Baby Line

A bundle for your bundle.

This trio of head-to-toe essentials for babies includes Gentle All-Over Wash, a tear-free body and hair cleanser, Soothing Oil, a quick-absorbing skin nourisher, and Daily Protective Balm, which acts as a layer of protection for sensitive skin. All formulas are specially designed for a baby’s delicate skin—because babies deserve the very best.

Ingredient-conscious moms will love this formula that is free of irritants and hidden, harmful ingredients.


4. Brightening Vitamin C Oil

Your daily radiance boost.

This citrus-scented facial oil quickly absorbs and penetrates to awaken and replenish skin. Lightweight and silky smooth, it features a proprietary blend of seven natural oils—including omega-rich marula oil—to moisturize, as well as antioxidant-rich vitamin C to help even skin tone. Perfect for all skin types, especially those concerned with dull, uneven skin tone.


5. Lip Sheer

A beautiful kiss of color.

The ultimate everyday lipstick, this silky-smooth and ultra-moisturizing formula gives lips a sheer wash of color and a touch of polished sheen. It also includes jojoba esters and carnauba wax to condition and hydrate lips and no synthetic fragrance—just a sophisticated hint of natural vanilla. The shade range is designed to compliment all skin tones, and the formula is super buildable—layer it on to intensify the color, or try it under Lip Gloss for a more lustrous look.





Five motherhood blogs we can’t stop reading

I love reading about other people’s lives and the point of view from where they stand, especially in motherhood. It is inspiring and calming to hear about other’s lives, especially when you are able to relate. I find myself reading all sorts of blogs but, there are a few motherhood specific ones that I keep coming back to.

1. Coffee + Crumbs

This blog isn’t specifically just about motherhood, though a fair bit of content is on that topic. These stories are magical and so beautifully written. It inspires me to be a better writer and also helps me to understand my own life a little bit better. Definitely worth a read! They also have a published book!

2. Lionheart Mamas

This blog is all about the real, real of motherhood. Super candid and raw posts with beautiful stories attached along with some helpful and practical info! I keep coming back for more!

3. Meals 4 Mamas

This blog is a great resource for recipe inspo geared specifically towards mamas. The recipes are gorgeous and very inspiring – I literally drool at every single one!

4. Motherly

Another great collection of personal stories – I love the emotion in this blog and many of the stories jump right off the page and speak to me directly. I find this blog incredibly refreshing, relatable and most definitely inspiring.

5. Ashley Eve Photography Blog

Okay, so if you want to see some stunning documentary photography, this is your blog! Though not specificaly a motherhood blog, many of her posts are geared towards us moms and they do an amazing job of evoking a strong emotional response. She also offers some helpful insights on her blog too! Her day in the life sessions are seriously beautiful.

My favourite resources for living well

I talk a lot about holistic living and healthy eating on this blog as it  is a passion of mine and I like to stay on top of what I can do to help my health out now and for the future.

“The first wealth is health.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am not a healthcare professional, holistic nutritionist, dietician, what have you, I am just a mom who values whole foods as much as I can manage. Trust me, there are days where I go through a drive through for sure, I’d be lying if I said that NEVER happened but, I try my best to eat well and take care of my health on a daily basis. I also seem to surround myself with people who value this as well so, that helps!

PRANA - Healthy Snacks, Organic Foods & Natural Products

Because I have an interest in the subject of nutrition and the nitty gritty of what we are eating, where it comes from, what is marketed as healthy but really isn’t, etc. I have found a bunch of helpful resources to navigate the crazy world that is our food. Many people say to me, “it’s so frustrating! One day this is good for you and the next it isn’t, I never know what to eat!” But, eating shouldn’t be so complicated, we just need to take it back to basics.

The reality is that there is no one size fits all approach to eating, except for the fact that if you are eating whole foods and sustainably grown/raised foods you can’t really go wrong. I personally think we all should care more about what is provided to us at our local grocery store because as consumers, we have the power to choose. My philosophy is to sneak in nutrients wherever I can even if I may not have the healthiest meal, adding little bites of nutrients can add up too, and to just be mindful of what I am eating! I like to add hemp hearts, nuts & seeds, dates, chia, nutritional yeast, nuts, etc in a lot of my meals for a nutritional boost!

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

So with all that said, here are some places I go to get  helpful information about the latest research and some great recipes!

  1. Healthy Bright Beginnings by Lisa Hewitt
  2. Firm Ground Nutrition by Brittany Andrejcin
  3. Healthy Firsts by Randall
  4. Senzable Health by Enza Ward
  5. Nurture Your Nature by Nicolette Jones
  6. Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy
  7. Mind Body Green
  8. Food Matters

“Were the walls of our meat industry to become transparent, literally or even figuratively, we would not long continue to raise, kill, and eat animals the way we do.”
Michael Pollan

Shop Beautycounter in July for a chance to win

Shop Beautycounter for a chance to win! Or join our mission and get a free lip sheer!

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Here are some of my favourite Beautycounter items:

Beautycounter lipsheers not only rate highly on the EWG’s skindeep database, they are also super luxurious, hydrating and come in wonderful colours! A must have for any makeup bag!


The Brightening Mask  is a wonderful product to help brighten the skins appearance and helps to even out skin tone.

BeautycounterPlus launch social assets-02
Tint skin hydrating foundation. This is what sold me on Beautycounter. I have never used a better foundation!! Get yours today!


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An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

Using breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology, this moisturizer keeps your skin at its peak performance even in the face of weather, stress, pollution, and travel.

ITS HERE! Truly the most innovative product to ever come out of Beautycounter – SAFETY at its OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE! harnessing a patented BREAKTHROUGH BIO-MIMIC TECHNOLOGY  that uses the unique life-giving properties of plants (did you know we have 26% of our DNA in common with plants?), allows the Moisture Lotion to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Traditional lotions SIT ON TOP OF THE SKIN (like oil on water), because this lotion actually mimics the structure of skin it is uniquely matched to provide optimal hydration (for 24HRS compared to the leading moisturizer on the market which only keeps you hydrated for a couple hours – not to mention contains 6 ingredients on our NEVER LIST as they are linked to human health concerns).

Also gives skin a smooth look and feel and a radiant glow! Our lives are not basic, we need more than basic skincare.

EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT is ACTIVE in this lotion and they are ALL useful for your skin (compared to traditional lotions where 50% are useless like preservatives).

At $58CAD ($48USD) this lotion is a steal. Who needs one of these in their lives?

Learn more or order here:


Source: An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

*I will be compensated as a result of any items purchased through these links. 

Meatless Monday Spots in YYC

Tacos and Pad Thai at the Raw Eatery & Market in Kensington

Many articles, studies, health experts and even vegan athletes show that limiting meat consumption is  good for our health and many studies also show that it is good for the environment. According to the article, Eat less meat to avoid dangerous global warming, scientists say, in the Guardian, cutting meat consumption would also cut worldly emissions. The same Oxford research demonstrates that diets high in processed meats are a great burden to global health.

As a mostly plant-based family (we eat some dairy (butter) and fish still), it can be difficult to find restaurants that cater to your needs. I’ve noticed that Calgary is getting better over the years but when looking for hearty vegetarian meals we were often eating the same things: falafel wraps, pad thai with tofu, vegetarian Indian buffets, which is great and all but our go-to’s were getting old. Lately, there are increasingly more and more options in restaurants and Calgary has added a few more vegan or vegetarian places to the list. Here are a few of my faves!

Raw Eatery & Market

This quaint little cafe in the heart of Kensington offers a delicious menu of all raw and vegan options but, meat eaters, don’t let that deter you, the menu is delicious! They also offer kombucha on tap as well as a little market and board games! A great place to spend a meatless Monday!

The Coup

A staple in the vegan/vegetarian scene in Calgary, the Coup has a great menu of vegan and vegetarian options which in my opinion are amazing! Some dishes are more filling than others but they are all worth a shot. I have a few favourites like their Vietnamese sub and their tempeh shawarma but, you likely won’t be disappointed with and of the flavours coming from here! Also, check out their drink specials because they are always unique and interesting!

The White Rose Kitchen

This place has it all! In the quaint and ever up & coming Bowness, the extensive menu offers a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian with even some pescetarian options as well! There is absolutely something for everyone and only the freshest and most local ingredients are used!

Hearts Choices Thai Vegan Cafe

A Thai bistro with an insane amount of choices, I personally love their pad thai and their “chicken” satay skewers. They have lots of vegan “meat” options and traditional Thai food that is made vegan. I’ve never had a bad meal here and it is pretty authentic! Dine in or take it to go they also offer their vegan meats and sauces for purchase at the Calgary Farmers Market!Their staff are also incredibly friendly and lots of fun and don’t forget they have a Veggie Truck as well! They are expanding in the city and this is definitely a vegan place you need to check out in YYC!

Why This is the Only Foundation You’ll Ever Want To Wear

This foundation blends seamlessly, builds, feels weightless all day, and is formulated with sodium hyaluronate to attract and seal in essential moisture.

Source: Why This is the Only Foundation You’ll Ever Want To Wear