This new exclusive from Beautycounter is by far one of my favourites!! This selection of products are everything you need to create a flawless look without all the harmful ingredients AND at a great value!

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What you may not know about your personal care products

I have been on a personal mission for years to clear my life of as many toxins as possible. It is no easy task between the greenwashing of products with labels like “all natural,” or “green” meaning absolutely nothing, and the lack of regulation in the industry. Did you know? “Fragrance” is considered a trade […]

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3 Easy Ways To Use Glow Shimmer Oil

We love multitasking products and this glow shimmer oil definitely makes the cut! Plus, the luxurious formula is made with nourishing botanical oils. Source: 3 Easy Ways To Use Glow Shimmer Oil We’ve compiled a few tips to help you prep for all the BBQs, parties, and Summer holidays ahead. 1. Use It as a […]

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