Blogs that are inspiring me right now

I love following bloggers who are authentic and who let their true selves shine through, especially on social media. Discovering new blogs is always exciting but I always seem to come back to my favourites!

Sharing stories and truths through writing or imagery is a great way we are now able to relate to one another. I cannot stand blogs that are so staged and you know everything is an ad. I really prefer authenticity. Here are few blogs I am currently reading!

Mecoh. Creative

Mecoh is a local mama with an adventurous spirit. I actually met her by reaching out through her blog. It’s been amazing to see her blossom into the beautiful and creative soul that she is. Her photography is a treat and her take on life is refreshing. Her adventures around Calgary, her travel to other provinces and adventures to far away places with her full-of-spirit daughter is something anyone can get on board with. Trust me, you will be drawn to this energy.


Northern Style Exposure 

I’ve been following Kira for a while now and I enjoy every post and Instastory.  It is nice when you can connect with someone’s genuine personality over the internet. Her style and fashion sense mixed with motherhood is something I identify with and enjoy following.


The Natural Nurturer

I love food! Taesha is a teacher and goddess in the kitchen. She breaks down healthy eating into an easily digestible perspective. It’s never complicated but always helpful! I love her take on children’s eating habits! She is all about balance and doing what you can while meeting people (children) where they are at. I just love all of her content on her blog and social media.



What blogs do you read regularly? Comment below! 


Three blogs I’m reading right now

I always love discovering new lifestyle blogs to read! Here are a few that I am enjoying right now!

1. Little Lights of Mine

Ok, so I am a Steph Curry fan and I am so excited for the game tonight! (NBA finals). I was so happy to stumble upon this blog by his wife, Ayesha Curry. On her site she talks recipes, faith, fashion and family. Her vlog series on YouTube features lots of recipes, healthy eating tips, and other lifestyle information and it is so well done. Go Warriors Go!

2. Northern Style Exposure 

This fashion/lifestyle blog is a must read! Kira is a Canadian mommy from Edmonton and her blog offers great style, beauty tips and inspiration as well as recipes and baby essentials. I love all of the photos to scroll through and her website is just gorgeous. Give it a peruse, you won’t be disappointed and will probably come away with so many outfit ideas and a big shopping wish list! P.S. her snaps are awesome too!

3. North of Bloom 

Looking for amazing, tasty and super healthy recipes? Look no further than North of Bloom. Created by an aspiring holistic nutritionist, this blog offers great information on incorporating superfoods into daily meals. She also talks toxin free products, home decor and travel. Every recipe she posts I cannot wait to try to make myself because they are always so good and so healthy.