Food. It’s all about balance, right?



I post a lot about food on my Instragam and other social platforms. I love to cook and eat healthy but, lets be real, sometimes we all need something fast and easy. I think my Instagram portrays that I never take short cuts or eat food that isn’t SUPER healthy BUT, we all have our days! I really try to cook fresh as much as possible but there are a few frozen items I always have on hand when I am in a pinch!


I love Yves Veggie Cusine Veggie Nuggets. They are super easy to have on-hand to go with a simple salad and some sweet potatoes as pictured above.

Amy’s brand is another great brand of frozen vegetarian products that we typically have in our freezer. I love their story and I find that their frozen food tastes pretty good! We like the burittos, pizzas and pad thai!

I always have frozen fruit and veggies on-hand. I really like having frozen broccoli as I find it is super easy to add to any meal and super fresh, especially in the winter months.

When I am making my frozen meals I always try to put them with some other fresh items like a salad or vegetable. I think many people would be surprised to learn that I take these short cuts occasionally (the veggie nuggets are quite addictive) but, we gotta be real and life is busy!! While I don’t like or recommend that we should eat this way all the time, time is important too and there are healthier frozen options out there better than fast food, in my opinion!

What is your go-to meal when you’re in a time crunch!? 



|| Super berry smoothie ||


This is hands down my favourite smoothie recipe! It turns out perfectly every time and it gives me a little pep in my step to start the day. It is super simple to prepare and everyone loves it!


Amounts depend on size of blender and how many people will be having the smoothie. This recipe is good for one large smoothie or 4 smaller portions. I typically don’t measure so these are rough estimates.

  • 1 -1.5 cups of frozen berries (I prefer the blends with strawberries, blueberries and bananas).
  • If not using frozen berries with added bananas you will need to add half a banana (more ripe is better).
  • 1 cup of hemp milk (eye ball depending on the consistency you want).
  • Tablespoon of Hemp Hearts.
  • 1/4 cup of kale or a handful.
  • Tablespoon of coconut oil,
  • 1-2 tablespoons of organic, natural, unsweetened  nut butter (I used peanut butter).

Blend to desired consistency adding more liquid if desired.





My picks for a vegetarian Christmas

Ah Christmas, the time of year where we gather and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat. It’s glorious! But, I am not nor have I ever been a turkey fan, and pork is out of the question. As a family we don’t eat meat with the exception of some fish and we have also recently decided to go dairy free (with the exception of a cheesy treat here and there – still looking for a great nut cheese). I know, what a great time of year to have a relatively limiting diet but, I have learned a few awesome recipes that work well for the vegetarians this time of year!

My extended family is all meat eaters so, I typically bring a vegetarian main dish for my family. This year I am going to bring Eating Bird Food’s Lentil Loaf – I will cook them in muffin tins and add a mushroom gravy to suit our tastes! This meal will be paired with whatever salads and vegetables appear at Christmas dinner! Typically I would do a roast vegetable.


Also, as an appie, I will be making this sweet pea hemp dip by Joyous Health!

For brunch on Christmas morning – we will be doing these  pancakes by Minimalist Baker, much to the dismay of my younger brother. They are so delicious he won’t be able to refuse with some fruit and maybe peanut butter and maple syrup – seriously so delicious! Of course, we can’t forget the mimosas!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with a Healthy Twist





This recipe is from Averie Cooks


1 large egg
1/2 cup unsalted butter (1 stick)
1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups old-fashioned whole rolled oats (not instant or quick cook)
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 to 1 teaspoon cinnamon, added to taste
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
pinch salt, optional and to taste
1 heaping cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup raisins or nuts, optional and to taste1/2 cup of organic hemp hearts
1/4 cup of ground chia seeds


  1. Mix together egg, butter, sugars, vanilla.
  2. Add oats, flour, cinnamon, baking soda, optional salt.
  3. Add the chocolate chips, optional raisins or nuts, and seeds.
  4. Preheat oven to 350F, line a baking sheet with baking paper. Roll into balls and space about nine cookies per sheet.


Greek-Style Lentil “Tacos”+ Leftover Meal Idea


Okay, so this recipe is basically an amalgamation of all of my favourite recipes – done tastefully, don’t worry.

This recipe can be turned into a variety of meals including, obviously tacos, but also a lentil bowl, or even a pasta dish. It is so versatile!

I use french lentils or sprouted lentils for this particular dish.

I cook the lentils based on the provided cooking directions and then I add them to a pan to season and sauté with other ingredients.

I personally like to add one onion, one red pepper, cherry tomatoes (vitamin c helps to absorb iron), and some greens (kale, chard, spinach). I cook down until the ingredients are soft but not overcooked.

The sauce is super simple and is my go-to for so many dishes, especially when I am in a pinch!

Sauce (all measurements approximate):

1 tbsp EVOO

1 tbsp nut & seed butter

1 tbsp tamari sauce

1 small garlic glove, grated or minced

1 tsp lemon juice

pinch of salt and pepper

It really is that simple.

To finish the tacos and what gives it the greek flare, in my opinion is the Greek Feta Cheese. While the sauce isn’t really a Greek-style adding the feta in addition to the tomatoes, peppers and onions + the lemon brings out those flavours.

I call it a taco but I really wrap it up like a burrito!

But, I also like to make it into a bowl! Adding a few simple ingredients can really change up the flavours! I like to add steamed broccolini, avocado, squash or sweet potato, and fresh pomegranate seeds to add a nice refreshing punch! I have also topped this dish with coho or sockeye salmon and the dressing paired so nicely!


Thanksgiving Recipes for the Vegetarian


It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I am not a turkey fan. I am also not a full-fledged vegetarian but as I have spoken about on Thoughts in a moment before, we do eat a mostly plant-based diet – plus cheese because, obviously.

Thankgiving is definitely one of my most favourite times of the year! I LOVE food! I am often asked to bring a vegetarian alternative to family dinner so, I thought I would compile a list of a few of my favourites and some recipes that I am dying to try!

Sweet Potato Pasta

Vegan Ceasar Salad

Stew with Dumplings

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Sweet Potato Casserole Sweet Potato Casserole 

Vegan Sweet Potato Chili

Lentil and Goat Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potato 

Roasted Eggplant

Hasselback Yams


Two-potato Lasagne

Vegan Mac N Cheese

Vegan Zucchini Gratin

Pumpkin Risotto

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Salted Caramel Apple Tart

I also highly recommend checking out this guide to holiday cooking for Vegans! 


Rustic pizza recipe


I absolutely love pizza! In my world, it is its own food group. I love that you can make pizza so many different ways and they can all taste fabulous and I love how easy it is to make. This pizza recipe is my all-time favourite and it is soo easy!

To start I use this recipe for pizza dough. I rarely leave it to rise 24 hours but you definitely can do that. Sometimes I put it in the oven on low with a wet towel wrapped over the bowl so it rises more quickly. I also, sometimes like a bit of a thicker, more flatbread type dough so I don’t leave it to rise too much in that case.

This particular recipe is a white pizza so there is no tomato sauce but you could definitely add some if you prefer.

I spread my dough out on a pan and drizzle with oil of choice. Typically for pizza that is EVOO but, some say heating EVOO is bad as it oxidizes so choose what oil you prefer, or brush with grass fed butter. I also like to mince some garlic and spread out with the oil or butter.

Then I add some cherry or grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and feta cheese. Bake for about 15 minutes or until the crust is golden. I then rip fresh basil leaves and disperse them over the pizza. To finish it off I drizzle with honey and cold pressed EVOO. I love the saltiness of the pizza and feta cheese combined with the sweetness of the honey.

That’s it! A super simple, rustic pizza recipe!

I love making pizza because it is always a great way to get the entire family involved in cooking dinner, especially the little ones!

What are your favourite toppings for your pizza?