Thoughts in a moment: mindful discussion book club


I have decided to create a thoughtful book club! The reason is two-fold: I want to read more and engage in constructive conversation! There are no hard and fast rules to this book club and you don’t have to read every single book to participate! If there are a select few books you’d like to jump in on the discussion for, by all means! We are meeting here:

I made this selection of books because I believe these are all issues that are affecting our present day and also issues that relate to the intentions of this blog — some are little known. I believe we will generate positive dialogue and perhaps learn something about the world, ourselves, and each other! Happy reading!


For April, I decided to choose two books. The first, The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Live Well is a quick read about this Danish way of life that you may already be partaking in without even knowing it!

The second book, In Defense of Food, discusses the industrialization of food as it relates to the decline of the environment. Pollan looks at food from a health perspective and discusses the multi-billion dollar food industry with facts.


“When thirty-eight-year-old New Yorker writer Ariel Levy left for a reporting trip to Mongolia in 2012, she was pregnant, married, financially secure, and successful on her own terms. A month later, none of that was true.

Levy picks you up and hurls you through the story of how she built an unconventional life and then watched it fall apart with astonishing speed. Like much of her generation, she was raised to resist traditional rules—about work, about love, and about womanhood.”




“Trayvon Martin’s parents take readers beyond the news cycle with an account only they could give: the intimate story of a tragically foreshortened life and the rise of a movement.”


“It started with a harmless quest for perfect wash-and-go hair. Every girl wants it, and Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt finally found it in a fancy salon treatment. They were thrilled—until they discovered that the magic ingredient was formaldehyde.”


“Your toddler throws a tantrum in the middle of a store. Your preschooler refuses to get dressed. Your fifth-grader sulks on the bench instead of playing on the field. Do children conspire to make their parents’ lives endlessly challenging? No―it’s just their developing brain calling the shots!”


“Researcher and thought leader Dr. Brené Brown offers a powerful new vision that encourages us to dare greatly: to embrace vulnerability and imperfection, to live wholeheartedly, and to courageously engage in our lives.”


“#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The compelling, inspiring, and comically sublime story of one man’s coming-of-age, set during the twilight of apartheid and the tumultuous days of freedom that followed”


“From the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes an emotional and eye opening behind-the-scenes look at her descent into uncovering the mystery of chronic Lyme disease.”


“Even as seas rise against the shores, another great tide is beginning to rise – a tide of outrage against the pillage of the planet, a tide of commitment to justice and human rights, a swelling affirmation of moral responsibility to the future and to Earth’s fullness of life.”


“Nightline anchor Dan Harris embarks on an unexpected, hilarious, and deeply skeptical odyssey through the strange worlds of spirituality and self-help, and discovers a way to get happier that is truly achievable.”


Nursery Wish List


Testing Paint samples from CIL From left to right: Canadian Sky | Night Sky | Middle: Gentry Blue | Bottom: Night Sky I think Gentry Blue will be the one we paint the whole room.

Processed with Moldiv

Paint Colours  | Crib |Wall Art Twig and Timber |Rocking Chair | Rug | Crib Sheet adenandnais

I’ve been daydreaming about how to spruce up the bedroom where baby will be sleeping with his brother, before he arrives. I have a lot of ideas but don’t/can’t spend a lot of money. I think there are so many great ways to create a classic, welcoming space without breaking the bank. We already have all of the furniture except a rocker, so that is very helpful.

Since we will have two boys sharing a room, I thought a woodland theme might be nice and a subtle theme that can grow with them making small adjustments. There is still a lot of planning to do but I have so many ideas in my head about what we could do and I love gathering ideas from Pinterest, Instagram and magazines.

I am using these nurseries as the source of my inspiration:

The bedroom has a grey laminate floor and all of the furniture is a dark brown stain. I thought a soft blue/green would be nice like this colour from Benjamine Moore but there is still a lot of testing and planning to do.

Some things I may want to incorporate into the room include:


Woodland artwork from Home Sense


Owl plate to hang on the wall from Home Sense

And I especially love these custom made signs from Twig and Timber as you can get them customized to suite your style:


As you can see it is still a bunch of ideas but check back for more updates on the nursery progress!

How do you gather inspiration when redecorating?

Bump Day Inspirations


I am new to this whole pregnancy thing but I have joined some pregnancy and mom’s groups that are really informative and the community helps to let me know that what I am experiencing is normal. The ability to speak freely with other pregnant women and mothers  can help to quell fears or just provide a good laugh when it is very much needed.

In one of these groups it was pointed out that something a second time mother found really helpful was to know that the feelings she was experiencing after delivering the baby were what other mothers were experiencing. Since I have no idea of the many different emotions that can be felt after giving birth, I thought it would be a great idea to share some first hand experiences.

Below are real responses from mothers across Canada about how they felt after giving birth:

Overwhelmed. It’s so much easier having one. When you get home it’s pretty hectic. You have another child that is used to having only you and your time now you have to share it. The first couple of months are very hard but then you fall into a routine.


I had mine really close in age and it didn’t seem to even bother my oldest that there was a new baby. I was so much more relaxed and it was easy for me, like super easy that I thought something was wrong. Nursing was easy the second time and juggling the two were easy. I did a lot of baby wearing and cuddling both at the same time.

The first time was awful and horrible. I didn’t feel like I really loved my child at first but with my second it was automatic so I felt kind of sad that my first missed out on me feeling that way but I know she doesn’t even know.

We also fell into a routine (completely them guiding it as I NEVER put them on a routine) pretty quickly and easy.


I was on pain control meds after my c-section so the first few days seem a hazy blur of love and sleep and newborn smells. Ha. But my husband recorded me saying the following:

“I was worried before (our daughter) she was born that you wouldn’t love her and that I would love her a lot and that means less love for you (my husband) but then, I saw you with her and it was like BANG! pie and ice cream on top. So I gave her a piece of my pie, and you gave her a piece of your pie, so now we all have pie, and I want ice cream on top of mine, please.”

I think that accurately sums up my feelings after birth.


I brought my first home and was in shock for a while. For a few days it felt like a dream and I was very sleep deprived. After a few days, our baby became very colicky and I pretty much just held him and nursed him around the clock.

For a short period, I grieved for the old me. Before children I could have never imagined just how much of a wonder it was to do whatever I wanted with my days. It sounds dark at first, and honestly, it was. But then the first smiles came. My adorable baby smiled at me and cried for me and snuggled up to me. And then he started to laugh and reach for me and communicate with intentional sounds. There are no words to describe the love and joy your child fills your heart and life with. You are so so ridiculously proud of everything they do. From that, we adapt into parents and never want to imagine life any other way


Overwhelmed with emotion. So full of love so immediately that it felt sometimes like my heart was going to burst. Definitely the most sudden, intense feeling of love and emotion and the need to protect I’ve ever had. I remember having no fear for myself before or during my c-section until I saw he was safe (his heart rate had been decelerating and he had been in distress). Suddenly after I saw he was safe I had the sudden thought “Oh something bad could happen to me here. I could bleed to death, etc. It’s okay because he is safe.” It was a sudden feeling that my life and safety was no longer the most important.
– Erin
I just remember not having an instant bond like an instant “I would die for you” feeling. It actually took me a few weeks before I really felt bonded. I remember my mom telling me she felt the same way so I wasn’t concerned it was a sign of depression.
I had a really great first few weeks with my son, but once the visitors stopped and I was left all alone, time stood still and I felt very bored and lonely. I had lots of issues with breastfeeding which brought me to tears numerous times, I worked so hard and was so exhausted. I started to feel myself slipping, I hated not being “in control.” It was around the four month mark when I finally got help and started going to a postpartum depression group. It was amazing to hear that everything I was feeling was normal and that other mom’s were going through it too.
I also longed for my old life. My friends were all still “living the dream” and I felt a ton of guilt and regret. It wasn’t until my son was about 1 year old that things started to feel better. He was sleeping well and I finally felt a bit more in control. I’m not sure how it’ll be with two. They say it’s easier to go from 1-2 than from 0-1 so fingers crossed!
A week or so after my son was born my husband ran to the store to grab food for supper on our first day without visitors. Being alone with our son I had this sudden panicky thought of “Oh dear! This is real… there is no undoing this now, this baby is here…” I think reality had set in that here was a little baby relying on us to care for him. I have never doubted parenthood again since but, there was definitely a fear of failure.