Art on display

Children’s artwork on display

Using colourful, abstract art to decorate

IMG_5453I realize some people will not like this idea and it won’t fit with everyone’s decor. But, if you’re like me and don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on artwork, or simply don’t want to spend the money, adding some hand drawn or painted artwork by your families littlest hands can have a nice impact. Pinterest, of course, has tons of examples for your reference. Whatever it is, frame it. I try to coordinate some colours, but my home is quite the eclectic mix and I’m not too into the matchy-matchy. I love shapes and bright pops of colour. For most artwork, I usually tend towards a simple black frame with a white matting:

I like to pick at least one colour in the room to tie the background paper to. In some instances, I like the bright pop of a red frame.


For this painting, I simply framed the paint-splattered construction paper and leaned it against the wall at the top of a shelf. You can do so many great things and the best part is, it’s super inexpensive and children love to see their artwork displayed. The frames are all from Ikea and usually cost no more than $18. They are so easy to change too!