My postpartum food picks from Natura Market


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Having healthy and nourishing snacks/food on-hand after giving birth helps post-partum recovery in so many ways. I found it hard to eat big meals after giving birth as my new schedule was set all over the place. Obviously it’s important to eat regular meals but, having some nourishing snacks on-hand makes it easier to sustain yourself through out the day (and night) and can be helpful for breastfeeding and mood.

I like to prepare snacks and meals ahead of time but have found this time around to be a little more challenging with two older children eating everything before I can save it.

If you haven’t heard of Natura Market, they are an awesome Canadian company devoted to making healthy foods and natural products affordable to everyone in Canada. They focus on food items in categories that include: whole30, vegan, gluten free, ketogenic, and paleo. They have all things cauliflower and carry the primal palate brand too amongst many other great brands!

With hormones being a huge factor during pregnancy and after delivery + my issues with my thyroid, I want to be as prepared as possible to help balance those out with food. Here are a few snacks/food items that I am going to have on-hand! I want to be sure to include things that have clean ingredients but also make it easy for me post-partum. I am not supposed to eat gluten (that’s been a challenge for me to which I have failed many times) and I am also supposed to include foods with more zinc into my diet. I also am including foods with collagen to help my gut postpartum and help to deal with any hair/skin issues due to hormones. 

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