|| Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks ||

I have been trying to get a pregnancy update in on here for some time now but it just didn’t happen. Time is simultaneously flying by while going at a snails pace – you know what I mean? I am growing more and more exhausted and sore with each passing day. I tend to handle pregnancy pretty well but I feel this time around I am definitely much more overwhelmed and exhausted. I am 35 weeks and realistically I could have a baby in as little as two weeks although, I think it’ll be more like four weeks. Trying to wrap things up at work, I am so grateful live in Canada and be able to take a full year off (we have the option for 18 month leave now as well).


The baby now seems to have settled into the right position and I think he just recently dropped However, my ribs are still feeling quite tender. I am looking forward to seeing how he behaves when he comes out of the womb as I am sure he will love to just curl right up and snuggle as that’s what it feels like he is doing against my rib cage. I had my last ultrasound at 19 weeks and he was measuring bang on for dates and has been since so, I don’t think he will be as “early” or as big as my first son was.

Names…. TBD.


This pregnancy has come with a number of side-effects that I didn’t experience in my first pregnancy, vulvar variscosities being one of the worst… yeah that’s a thing… Overall though, I can’t complain much as my pregnancies tend to go pretty smoothly. Early on I had some thyroid issues  (borderline hyperthyroid) which were corrected with the help of a naturopath. In this previous pregnancy update, I outlined what supplements I was using to help my thyroid. I am continuing to see a chiropractor for as long as possible to ensure I am as aligned as possible for delivery, something I feel very strongly about.


I am under the care of midwives this pregnancy and it has been a truly wonderful experience! I am nearly all ready for my home water birth but totally leaving my options open for anything to be able to happen. You never know what curve-balls might come your way but I am so grateful to have the option to even plan a home birth. My son’s birth was a great, unmediated birth at the hospital so, I am hoping to translate that experience at home. I have a birth pool rented, my essential oils ready to go, lots of towels and sheets, and a home-birth package from the midwives. Next step will be a midwife home visit – everything is beginning to feel so real!


I have a lot of go-tos in pregnancy but here are a few of my favourites:


As stated in my previous pregnancy updates  in addition to being conscientious about what I eat during pregnancy, I also take supplements to support my health and the health of the baby. I’ve also recently added Mother’s Best Liver Pills to maximize nutrients ahead of delivery.  I am also trying to limit sugar and have upped my probiotic & vitamin c  intake ahead of the Strep B test.

Overall, I think we are pretty ready for this baby. I mean, as ready as I’l lever be! Next update will probably be the birth story! AHHHH!


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