Big things with Beautycounter

When I signed up to be a Beautycounter consultant I did so because I fell in love with the company mission, the products, and the fact that they valued quality and safe ingredients as much as I did. I loved the fact that I could share information, great products, and connect with like-minded people. Their products have not only been great for my skin and my whole family but I don’t stress over ingredients and label reading as much as I did before.

What I didn’t know when I signed up was how amazing this opportunity would be and how many like-minded people I was able to meet. I also didn’t know how innovative Beautycounter is and the amazing line-up of products would only keep getting better and better (it’s getting even better). Most recently, our One Step Biodegradable and Safe Makeup Remover Wipes were introduced but there are a number of other amazing products in the works!



29133868_10155636835263386_4175615557913018368_nRecently, Beautycounter has attracted a lot of attention for its efforts to change the industry, something that is central to the company mission and the reason behind Beautycounter.

Beautycounter in the news:

Well + Good 

Fast Company 




There are so many more exciting things to come this year for Beautycounter! I am so excited to continue sharing these great products and a great mission! You can learn more about Beautycounter here.


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