My motherhood circle

How I didn’t realize how much I needed one

Just the other night I was having some wine and cheese with a few of my “mom friends.”

I don’t know if I understood the importance of a solid circle of friendships more than since having a child. I think I have always had a fairly-closed circle of really good friends and we did/do lots of fun things together but, as I grew and continue to grow in motherhood, I am finding more and more how valuable these relationships are. There are a few people I have regularly in my text message recent messages and a lot of solid people who I know I can reach out to, always. It’s funny though, how much we experience in motherhood that is often unsaid and when it is discussed no one can believe that we don’t discuss this regularly.  Some of these topics include:

  • how we didn’t feel such a strong bond the first time we held our babies,
  • anxieties and worries about absolutely everything, and then some,
  • the guilt of how we feel like we are not doing enough with and for our children because we are tired and life is busy enough already,
  • guilt, guilt and more guilt,
  • Joys and heartbreak of the different stages,
  • Laughs about the silly things our children do.

It is so refreshing to be around women who are in your life stage. In the trenches. They are there and they get it. I value so many of my friendships but there is truly something to be said for the moms that you meet when raising tiny humans.

I have made a lot of my mom friends through social media… I know, strange, right? But, reaching out and connecting has been one of the best things I could do on my motherhood journey and the support is unmatched. This was honestly something I hadn’t considered before becoming a mother. It often still surprises me how much we harbor inside and don’t talk about, even with other moms. I truly believe it is important for all moms to have someone to be a listening ear, a phone call away, a help. And, of course, we all need those nights were we chat with wine and good food and relish in the joys we have the privilege of experiencing.


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