||A Snowy Saturday Toddler-Friendly Activity || Succulents||


On a snowy Saturday, after meeting a friend downtown, we randomly decided to check out Plant, a local store that specializes in everything plant related! Mostly succulents and terrariums but so many other plants are available as well as many home decor items. It is a really fun little shop! My friend and I had never been in there before so we thought why not stop in?!


I had built a terrarium once before and that is still living – yay! These plants are definitely hard to kill. My son is almost two and I thought it would be a great hands-on and sensory activity for him. He dove right in, literally. It was a little bit messy but he listened to my instructions fairly well. The whole craft took us about half an hour – all his attention span could handle. I let him lead with how he wanted to place the plants and decorate. I think it’s great when children can be part of not only a fun activity but also when they are learning through play plus it was something we could focus on together!





He was so proud of his finished product! He has been pointing out “his plants” and saying “I make it!” He also really wants to “try it again!” I’d say it was a success for a spontaneous activity and it’s something we can display in our house as decor! I love it!


Getting the ingredients was really simple – the hardest part was deciding what we wanted to put in our terrariums… the cow and dinosaur won out!


Plant is located in Inglewood in Calgary. To learn more, visit their website: plantshop.ca


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