Finding little joys in the every day

I am not a routine person, at all. Becoming a mother has made me realize the importance of a routine but it is something that I do struggle with. I hate doing the same things in a repeating pattern like clockwork. It’s just not my thing. Parenting is basically a repeating pattern and being a working mother, there is nothing more repetitive than the Monday to Friday 9-5 work week. But, I love being a mother. When our eyes open in the morning, it goes a little like this: doing the dance of shower, no shower, the toddler trying to crawl in the shower, or flushing the toilet, or ripping apart the bathroom vanity. Quick breakfast, coffee… get dressed…
Ah, get dressed, lately, that’s been something he’s been super picky about. He has his preferences and well, some days it’s just not a battle I am willing to fight. Sandals and a parka, sure!
“MAMA, shoes, shoes, shoes”… distraction… “shoes.”
It feels like a full-time job just to make it out of the house. But in this 10-minute ordeal, there are mini routines.
“Side, side, side, side, side, side…”
“Okay, bubba, let’s go outside!”
We FINALLY make it out the door.
“Bu, bu, bu, bu, bu, bu,”
“Yes love, you can push the button.”
Finally, we are in the car!
“Buc, kle, bac, bik…”
“Yes, you can help mama buckle you in.”
And, we are on the road!
He gets excited to point things out that he recognizes. He is generally so happy in the morning and it makes my spirit smile. As much as our mornings are chaotic, with a little reflection I’ve come to realize how magical they actually are… even though they don’t necessarily feel like it in the moment.
This is the normal day in and day out.
But, in this relatively mundane everyday life, I wake up each day to this precious being having learned something new. A new word, a new facial expression, a new sentence. I generally wake up to his loving kisses or his vicious breastfeeding attempts, either way, it’s sweet (lol), drool and all.
Each day, I get to see his excitement when I arrive or (his disdain because he’s had such a great day and doesn’t want me to ruin it). Both I love because he is experiencing life in his own way and without me. He is gaining his independence, learning his likes and dislikes, and his emotions.
Would I love to be a stay at home mom? Some days, for sure. But, I realize how much he is growing and changing and it is so exciting to watch.

When we get home is also chaotic. Getting dinner ready, making a mess of dinner, climbing on the table, laughing hysterically because we are tired.
“Food, food, foooooooood, MOMMOM…”
“Yes, love, it’s coming!!” (My voice isn’t always this sweet).
*Takes three bites – attempt to throw plate*
I clean up from dinner and try to relax and spend a few minutes together before bedtime.
We sometimes dance, go to the park, play as much as we can before the routine forces us to stop.

Bath, book, and bed are how it’s supposed to go but that can be challenging to say the least.
Eyes close and we do it all over again tomorrow.
In this day in and day out of a working parent, we find the simple joys. I look forward to getting updates throughout the day, look at pictures on my phone for way too long and look forward to heading home.
It’s exhausting but I am truly grateful.
Can’t wait to see what we learn tomorrow.


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