A better way to coffee

I am sooooo not a morning person. I really, really wish that I could be but most mornings in my house are a pretty big shit storm of rushing around, running late and scrambling around to get out the door.

 I try my best but it is pretty well known at this point that I am that person who is generally running behind. The one thing I do like to have every morning like many others I know is a cup of coffee or a latte. I am really not supposed to have coffee based on some recent health testing (supposed to drink in extreme moderation) but, I really can’t give it up, not now anyway.

I Drank Butter Coffee For A Month And It Was More Magical Than I Expected

Even though mornings are a gong-show, I have been trying to be more organized and prepared. Part of my new morning routine involves my upgraded coffee. I am trying to do coffee better.  I have made bulletproof coffee many times before but I only made it to take to work a few times. It really is super easy to make, gives you a little boost to help you wake up and is beneficial to your health! Brain octane oil is a medium chain triglyceride that rapidly  metabolizes into ketones. I definitely find I get more energy from drinking this beverage as opposed to regular coffee.

Benefits of brain octane oil: 

  • Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar
  • Helps your body burn fat
  • Quality fats that don’t weigh you down
  • Distilled from 100% pure coconut oil



It is super important to consider the ingredients that go into a bulletproof coffee to get the maximum benefits from it. Using upgraded coffee beans, brain octane oil, collagen powder & grass-fed butter.

You can read more about the benefits of grass fed butter here,  I use it for everything! You can really taste the difference and notice the colour difference from conventional butter. It is amazing and so beneficial!


My recipe is similar to this but I thought I would give some accurate measurements as I just throw a bunch of stuff in my blender and hope for the best… it usually works out!

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

  1. It all starts with the beans. Brew 1 cup (8-12 ounces) of coffee using filtered water with 2 ½ heaping tablespoons of freshly ground Bulletproof Coffee Beans. Use a French Press for ease of use and to preserve beneficial coffee oils that paper filters keep out.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil. You’ll learn much more about Brain Octane Oil below, but keep in mind that this stuff is powerful. Start with 1 teaspoon per cup and work your way up to 1-2 tablespoons over several days.
  3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee. You read that right. It says butter. Don’t worry. This mixture also makes the creamiest, most delicious cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Oh, and make sure your butter is unsalted. Salty coffee is gross.
  4. Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it looks like a foamy latte.

Source: www.bulletproof.com

**This post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated.





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