Biofeedback Therapy with Mindful Nutrition & Wellness

Are you looking for answers to particular health concerns but are struggling to find the results or information you are looking for? Perhaps there is a tool that you haven’t heard of before that can simply use your energy and electrical body signals to determine what may be hindering your healthy lifestyle.

I sat down with Jenna Henderson, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Biofeedback Therapy Technician & Founder of Mindful Nutrition and Wellness to learn more about this relatively unknown tool.


Jenna Henderson, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Biofeedback Therapy Technician and Founder of Mindful Nutrition & Wellness


So first off, what is this Biofeedback Therapy you might be asking? Well, it’s kind of complicated to explain but, the results are relatively simple to understand.

Q: What is Biofeedback Therapy and why is it helpful? 

A: Being a Biofeedback Technician, I evaluate biofeedback; the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions using Electro-Physiological Reactivity (EPR). Using EPR, the biofeedback device tests the body’s electrical responses to discover what’s stressing your system the most. The EPR scans for over 10,000 different signatures, including food sensitivities, imbalances, pathogens, toxins and thought patterns. Biofeedback is a great, safe way to communicate with the body. Each client is connected to the device via head harness, wrists and ankle bands.

I use the biofeedback device to gather information about each individual. After analyzing your profile provided by the device, I then suggest nutritional support. This includes supplements and lifestyle factors to help balance and harmonize your main concerns, as well as your top stresses to optimize and maintain your health and wellness.

Biofeedback Therapy 




According to Jenna, the whole process is highly personalized and is a non-invasive way to obtain highly detailed information about your health as there are so many different signatures the biofeedback device can evaluate. It even provides solutions and suggestions instantly.

Biofeedback Therapy is used by many medical professionals & sports therapists in the US but is not as common in Canada. The device can be used to understand many ailments including head aches, dietary issues, sleep issues, and emotional stress among others.

Q: What would a typical session look like? 

A: The first session is about two hours. I really take time to get to know you and your unique health concerns, if there are specific ones, or just to get a general sense of your overall health. Then I use the electrodes on your body as well as on any supplements you may be taking to get a better understanding of the total picture. There are so many signatures I can tap into that can help me provide a plan for nutrition, supplements and even stress management.  The Biofeedback process is highly personalized and differs from other health tools as it is not a one-size fits all approach therefore there can be less trial and error.

If someone has particular concerns we can focus the session on those concerns. Sometimes people have a haunch that something is affecting them nutritionally or emotionally and this allows us to understand it better and create an action plan.

After we have a plan in place, we can use the Biofeedback Therapy to see where we are at and to help retrain certain functions.

Q: How does the Biofeedback machine work with the body? 

A: The biofeedback device scans the body to detect problematic areas. The device also has functions that can retrain certain muscle function and assist with the functions of the whole body, mind & spirit. The device has programs that work with the subconscious mind as well.  For bacterial stress, I have a program I can run that energetically is very unappealing to specific bacteria which is then believed that the body would naturally work towards eliminating these harmful bacteria.

Q: Who can benefit from Biofeedback Therapy? 

A: Anyone! It really is a great tool that is safe and non-invasive. It can be used for a general measure of health or as a deep dive into certain problematic areas.

**If you have a pacemaker you shouldn’t try Biofeedback Therapy as it works with the electrical signals of the body. Women who are pregnant can use Biofeedback Therapy but it is up to the technician and client discretion.

Q: How did you discover Biofeeback Therapy? 

A: I was being challenged by my own health and struggled with anxiety, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances & I wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for.  I was introduced to Biofeedback Therapy which allowed me to take charge of my own health and really understand what was healthy for me specifically.

Q: What does it feel like? 

A: Most people don’t feel anything – it’s completely non-invasive. Some people may feel a bit of a slight pinch or vibration but nothing painful at all.


After learning more about Biofeedback Therapy and getting an overview of the device, it really is an amazing tool! With so many different options, it is unique in that can be personalized to learn more about each individual and their specific health. I have decided to book my own session to learn more about my specific health picture. What really appeals to me is how nitty-gritty the device is able to go for each individual person. I like that there seems to be less guessing when it comes to dietary issues and there may be less of a need for elimination diets, etc, as it provides answers to the technician almost immediately.

Once I have my session I am going to write a follow-up blog post reviewing my specific process and  “issues” that have come up for me. I have been struggling with headaches, anxiety, and bloating so I am very much looking forward to learning more about my overall health! Stay tuned to learn more!

For more information about Biofeedback Therapy & to connect with Jenna, please visit her website:


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