Beautycounter gift with purchase


Have you been considering trying Beautycounter for a while now? Have you seen some information about this company but aren’t entirely sure what we are about? Beautycounter has become a big part of my daily life. From my daily routine to helping to educate other about the importance of safe skincare and personal care items, I talk about it a lot!

Beautycounter is a company dedicated to getting safer products into the hands of everyone. They (we) are on a mission to change the industry which is vastly unregulated – yes there could still be lead in your lipstick, yikes! Never fear, Beautycounter has an amazing lineup of products that are safe and effective. Beauytcouner has banned over 1500 ingredients, many of which can still be used in every day personal care products and they aren’t regulated!

These products are not only safe but they are formulated so well that they are amazingly luxurious! I have never used better products in my life and they have done wonders for my skin! Now we don’t have to compromise safety for performance.

Beautycounter has an amazing exclusive on right now! 

The cleansing balm is a favourite Beautycounter item!! Get yours ($94 value) with your purchase of $175!! That’s $269 of product for $175!! Amazing! There has never been a better deal! Or, get our body oil that will give you smooth and luminous skin all summer long and also help to keep the bugs away!

Shop here:

Choose exclusive offer upon checkout! 


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