My quick and easy go-to lunch

Keeping everything organized as a mom can be incredibly challenging sometimes. I am learning more and more each day that the best thing you can be is prepared. I always keep a few go-to items on hand when I am in a pinch for lunch or dinner. This “recipe” is one that I have adopted into our regular routine and it an be easily changed depending on what is in your pantry.


As we all know from my other posts, I am a huge fan of veggie bowls. This is an adaptation of that but is a bit more thrown together. If you aren’t watching Erin Ireland’s Instagram stories, you need to because you will be so incredibly inspired!

So, why is this so easy you ask? Well, because it is nutrition packed and so versatile! Starting with a quinoa base, I layer whatever I feel like eating for lunch the next day or whatever is readily available. For instance, tonight as I was prepping lunches I had a mason jar of quinoa, tempeh, pumpkin seeds (iron powerhouse), and my favourite kimchi. It literally was as easy as throwing everything together after the quinoa was cooked. Sometimes I add chickpeas or other greens.


The constant in this quick dish is almost always the tahini dressing. There are so many variations to tahini dressing but sometimes I literally just plop the tahini paste into my bowl add some salt and pepper, tamari and lemon juice. I will also cut up some cucumber to add after this is heated up at work. The finishing touch is some hummus! I also sometimes like to add hemp seeds as well for that extra little boost. I think the most important aspect to this dish is that fact that you can play around with flavours and clean out your fridge at the same time because the possibilities are truly endless. I think that’s also something I have taken away from Erin Ireland’s Insta stories, and that is, not being afraid to try different flavour combinations with the multitude of nutrition packed plant-based ingredients. This is a quick, cheap and ultra-delicious lunch that you can make again and again in so many different yet similar ways!

What’s your go-to nutrition-packed lunch idea? 

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