My favourite and {safe} everyday items

Safe for our health products, a common thread on this blog for sure but it is something that I am incredibly passionate about and quite frankly am astounded that more people don’t care about it. A new research letter , outlining data from adverse events to personal care items brings new attention to the vastly unregulated industry and concludes that better surveillance is needed. To me, it makes absolutely no sense to put ingredients on my body that have been known to be harmful to human health. I get the argument: the amounts are so minimal and many chemicals are added for cost-saving measures as well as performance enhancement, i.e. your shampoo lathering or something that has a particular smell we like. My problem is that these products with the hundreds of ingredients are likely not just applied once or twice but multiple times and using multiple products per day, it adds up fast! It is also incredibly difficult to source products that actually use safe ingredients when terms like natural and organic are thrown around without much weight behind them.

Over the years through trial and error, asking my peers and others who I have met who also care about what they are using daily on their body, I have come to my own conclusions and decisions about what I will or will not use in my every day life. The Environmental Working Group’s skin deep database is also an awesome resource to check what may be lurking in your every day items.

The good news: there are many products and companies out there that do care about health and safety. These companies want to ensure that what we are using on a daily basis works but also doesn’t have an impact on our health.

Here are some of my favourite personal care items: 

Nelson Naturals Activated Charcoal Remineralizing Toothpaste with Collodial Silver 


This toothpaste is awesome! I find a lot of natural toothpastes don’t get the job done as the should and my mouth is left feeling and smelling less than stellar. This toothpaste, albeit a bit messy really does what it says and I have noticed a huge difference since using it! Best part, it’s pretty local, made in Nelson, BC!




Routine Cream Deodorant

I love, love, love this deodorant. It works like a charm, isn’t cold going onto your precious pits and lasts! It is made locally and can be found in many local Calgary shops! They have launched a baking soda free formula as well for those with sensitivities!


Okay, this may not be a personal care product but, plastics matter in relation to our health and since discovering this beeswax wrap, I have used significantly less plastic wrap. These wraps seal your food great and are easily washed to be reused again and again! Plastics that we use in every day life can leach into our bodies through the food we eat not to mention pollute our world talking years and years to biodegrade. This alternative is so simple!

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation 


This is the best safer liquid foundation I’ve ever used, but more than that, it’s probably the best foundation I’ve ever used, bar none. I would highly recommend trying this out. It provides flawless, build-able coverage and lasts all day. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and I don’t find that it clogs my pores at all!

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