|| The Scrumptious Veggie Bowl ||

If you are a veggie lover like me the big goddess bowls, buddha bowls, veggie bowls, whatever you want to call them are definitely a must try! These full-meal-deal bowls are all the rage right now and while I am not quite sure of the difference in all of the names they are given, perhaps it doesn’t much matter. Or maybe it does, but that’s a contemplation for another post. I personally just throw veggies in a bowl with some dressing and call it a day – well maybe that’s not all I do – it’s good to have a balance of nutrients with ingredients in the bowl but other than that, anything goes!

The Instagram world is FULL of inspiration to construct these masterpieces but my daily dinner is typically inspired by Erin Ireland and Minimalist Baker. These ladies share what they are cooking and inspire me to be creative with food and to learn which flavours go well together. They’ve also shown me that in fact, there aren’t really all that many rules when constructing these overflowing bowls of nourishment.

Why a veggie bowl you ask? What could be fun about that? Well, if you don’t nerd out on vegetables then you probably won’t be interested but, if you are like me and dream about kale, keep reading.

What is a Veggie Bowl? 

Well, I am sure these things can be described in a variety of ways but, essentially it is a warm and ultra-hearty salad. The bowls are layered with flavours and designed to be super filling. I create plant-based “bowls” but, there are a multitude of meal-bowls with meat as well.


So where do you start? 

When I am constructing my veggie bowl I like to start with my base first and then build off from there. Sometimes I do follow a recipe loosely because once you make one or two it is easy to know what to do and to modify as you go. Typically, I do quinoa or sprouted lentils, or both to start and then I build from there!

Here are some of my favourite recipes for veggie bowls:

Minimalist Baker Sweet Potato Chickpea Bowl 

Minimalist Baker Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Harvest Bowls

Oh She Glows Summer Glow Buddha Bowl

Building the Bowl 

The above recipes are a great place to start when getting ideas for how to build a veggie bowl and like I said, the possibilities are endless! I like to have my protein base such as quinoa or sprouted lentils. After the base, I add a starch such as sweet potato or yam, a bit of crunch in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or crisp green beans and a green leafy veggie like collard, chard or kale. Avocado always manages to work its way in there as well. Adding lightly roasted chickpeas is a great way to build more nutrients and protein into the bowl. A nice finishing touch for me includes zoodles, ribbon carrots, micro greens or broccoli sprouts.





Other Additions

In addition to the veggies, I sometimes add tempeh or when I am feeling a little indulgent, crunchy-crispy tofu! Pomegranate seeds, nuts, and hemp hearts are also great additions.


There are many routes you can take when building the flavour profile of a veggie bowl, sweet, savory, etc. Typically, I start with a nut butter or tahini, add a citrus such as lemon or lime, then garlic, salt and pepper, and tamari sauce. If it is more of a salty sauce I like to add hummus to the bowl if I feel like the flavours will blend well!

And that’s it! I find this meal is easy to make and provides an abundance of leftovers for weekly lunches.

How do you construct your veggie bowl? And more importantly, what do you call it!? 



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