Favourite little outings in YYC. Hint, they usually involve coffee!

Some days, okay… a lot of days, us moms just need to get out of the house and so do our little ones! A change of scenery, a new or old activity and just something to challenge us or keep us occupied. And while there are always new and exciting things to do in the city, there are also lots of regular activities that don’t cost a lot that can be fun for a whole day or even just an hour. Here are some of our favourites for a Saturday afternoon!


The Calgary Public Libaries are a great space for all children starting in infancy. They have a great schedule of programs (they are hard to get into so you have to act fast) featuring music, reading and other learning activities. We like to go and hangout in the play space which most of the libraries have. There are toys which are geared towards thinking and learning and of course a great space to read and use your imagination. It’s free so I often go for even just an hour to get out of the house! I grab a coffee and we head over to play with some lego, use the stencils to colour, pretend we are firemen, the list goes on!

Oftentimes, attached to the librairies are YMCA’s which also offer a great bit of fun for the afternoon. Going for a dip in the pool is sure to tire your kid-lets out and is also a great space for birthday parties!




I like to explore my city through walking and most definitely through food! Taking a stroll in a new neighbourhood offers an abundance of new parks, food options and scenery! Sometimes we head down to Sunnyside/Kensington grab a snack and go for a stroll. There is always new stuff going on and it’s even super exciting to watch the construction cranes for a little while! Heading over the Peace Bridge is lovely as well and offers new surroundings in Prince’s Island park!


Heritage Park is a great place for a sunny afternoon! There is stuff for the whole family and the beautiful backdrop of the reservoir makes for a nice outing! It’s not exactly free but it’s a nice way to spend the day re-discovering Alberta’s history!


Another place that is great to explore is Ikea! Now, it’s obviously a fun place to shop but, it is also a giant sensory board! Not exactly a place to play and often busy it may be a bit more stress than it’s worth but, my son loves all there is to see there! It’s bustling and visually exciting with lots of textures and colours!

Some other fun spaces in Calgary:

  • The Calgary Zoo
  • The Science Center
  • The Calgary Farmers Market
  • Southcentre Mall Play Area

Where are your favourite places to explore!? 

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