An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

Using breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology, this moisturizer keeps your skin at its peak performance even in the face of weather, stress, pollution, and travel.

ITS HERE! Truly the most innovative product to ever come out of Beautycounter – SAFETY at its OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE! harnessing a patented BREAKTHROUGH BIO-MIMIC TECHNOLOGY  that uses the unique life-giving properties of plants (did you know we have 26% of our DNA in common with plants?), allows the Moisture Lotion to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Traditional lotions SIT ON TOP OF THE SKIN (like oil on water), because this lotion actually mimics the structure of skin it is uniquely matched to provide optimal hydration (for 24HRS compared to the leading moisturizer on the market which only keeps you hydrated for a couple hours – not to mention contains 6 ingredients on our NEVER LIST as they are linked to human health concerns).

Also gives skin a smooth look and feel and a radiant glow! Our lives are not basic, we need more than basic skincare.

EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT is ACTIVE in this lotion and they are ALL useful for your skin (compared to traditional lotions where 50% are useless like preservatives).

At $58CAD ($48USD) this lotion is a steal. Who needs one of these in their lives?

Learn more or order here:


Source: An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

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