|| My new favourite go-to wrap ||

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Are you looking for a super quick but nutrition-packed dinner or lunch and one that doesn’t involve the oven, especially in the summer months? This super green wrap is definitely one of my favourites when I am in a pinch (or all the time). I have recently discovered some amazing dandelion kimchi from Live Organic Foods and if you are in Toronto, check out their cafe! I have been looking for ways to add this kimchi to my meals and this may very well be my favourite.

This would  go great with some roasted veggies or some sauteed peppers. Raw veggies would be great as a side as well!


What you need:


  1. Warm Tempeh in a frying pan as directed on the packaging
  2. Cook Sprouted Lentils as directed on packaging
  3. Once the cooked ingredients are prepared get your super green wrap and place tempeh on wrap.
  4. Spoon lentils over top
  5. Add sliced cucubmer (sliced lengthwise)
  6. Spoonful of dandelion kimchi over top
  7. Finish off with some microgreens or sprouts

This is a seriously delicious and nutritious meal. Perfect any day of the week!

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