How to save your precious moments into beautiful books – quickly!


I have been searching for a photo solution for a while now. I had been toying with printing my entire library but, that is a costly endeavor. I had also been researching different storage tools and still am as it is always so important to have all of your precious memories backed up. I recently decided to give Chatbooks a go as the price was reasonable and it is a very user friendly app. Well, I kid you not, about less then 10 min later by entire photo library was organized neatly into 6 volumes. Photos from Feb 2016 until present were aggregated into these books and as soon as my library adds 60 photos, another one is compiled (approved by you of course, don’t want that weird meme you took a screen shot of working its way in there now do we).

These books are incredibly simple yet stunning and are a quick way to safeguard your memories into hard copy. It also gives you many other options for printing photos and different book options! I would highly recommend this to anyone but it worked especially great for me as a busy mom with no time to organize photos.


 To start using Chatbooks click, here.



Author: thoughtsinamoment blogger. mom. beautybounter. public relations.

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