Five things I did in pregnancy that I swear by!


As I fondly reflect on my pregnancy experience I find myself grateful for the knowledge that I acquired in the process! Over 13 months later and it still is so amazing to me! It is truly a special and magical time and I was fortunate to have had a wonderful experience. There are a few things that I found to have personally helped keep my pregnancy comfortable and I swear helped with my easy labour. Of course, everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others. We cannot always predict how pregnancy and delivery will go but, I believe we are able to shape our experience to an extent using certain gifts from mother nature!

  1. Drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea

This tea is said to strengthen the uterus. I drank this some before becoming pregnant but started drinking two cups a day after 12 weeks. It is said to strengthen the uterus and shorten the duration of labour. There are some precautions and potential risks so it is important to consult a doctor or naturopath. I believe the benefits outweighed the risks and helped with my comfort in pregnancy as well as labour!

2. Cacao Elixrs with Dates 

I drank these warm elixrs with dates throughout my pregnancy. Cacao is high in many nutrients and certain studies link the benefits of chocolate and pregnancy, resulting in happier babies (my baby was and is pretty happy and relaxed…most of the time). Check out this article for more info on chocolate in pregnancy.

Dates have been said to soften the cervix and have an oxytocin-like effect, in preparation for labour. I don’t believe much will put you into labour unless your body is physically ready for it BUT, I did consume more dates towards the tail end of my pregnancy. I was dilated 5-7 cm without feeling a thing three days before I delivered! Check out this study for more information!

3. Prenatal chiropractic adjustments

I sought out chiropractic treatment specifically for pregnancy. It felt amazing and I really think it helped to align my body not only making me more comfortable in the later stages of pregnancy but also in preparation for labour.

4.Prenatal Yoga

I cannot say enough good things about prenatal yoga. It is relaxing and tension relieving. With poses specifically structured for pregnancy it was full of great tips to prepare for labour as well as to relax and take care of your body and baby in pregnancy. Highly recommend doing prenatal yoga at least once a week!

5. Supplements and a balanced diet

I really tried my best to stay on a healthy diet during pregnancy. I drank fresh juice, smoothies, made sure I was getting lots of whole foods and raw vegetables while not totally depriving myself. Reading the book Sprout Right was super insightful. Did you know they believe babies taste buds can be shaped by what the mother consumes in pregnancy? Well, I for one at A LOT of avocados and my son cannot get enough so, I definitely believe there is a lot of truth in that! I also used some food-grade supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps!

What were some things you did in pregnancy that you believe helped you manage pregnancy and delivery more positively? Comment below! 


** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, medical professional or naturopath. All thoughts are my own based on my personal experience. We have to do what is right for us individually. Speak with a doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements or teas while expecting.** 


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