First Birthday!


We had a fun first birthday party for my son this week. It was a great team effort between my mom and some close friends but I also tried to keep it pretty simple for his first birthday. We chose to go with a minimalist puppy dog theme as I liked to call it and I did  get my inspiration from this blog. 

Cake Topper by my good friend over at North of Bloom 

Cookies from Luv Some Sugar and Slice by Candace Pettem. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @luvsomesugarandslice.

First Birthday Keepsake Sign by a good friend (stay tuned for more info!)

Lassie Bunting upcycled from a Little Golden Book and bought on Etsy. Shop name is DomumVindemia.

Cake(s) were lovingly made my my cousin! Recipe was loosely based off of this recipe from the Faux Martha. Sprinkles were made out of coconut dyed with dye made by food (no artificial colours or sugars! All natural!)

It may have not been the fanciest shin-dig but we had a good time and the memories will last! The cake was definitely the best part!

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5 thoughts on “First Birthday!

  1. Aww! A puppy dog theme is just so precious! I don’t see this theme very often for first birthdays. So kudos on being minimal AND creative!


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