My favourite local small shops for baby

Bandana Bib from CD & Bree 

There are a million and one options when it comes to items for baby! The baby product industry is HUGE and all of the options can be so tempting. With all the cute items in big box stores there are endless choices but, there are other options! I love shopping locally and supporting local entrepreneurs, many of who are moms, by shopping through them. Not to mention SO many of the items are unique, well made and beautiful. I thought I would do a quick round-up of my favourite local shops for baby.

  1. CD & Bree

This local shop provides organic cotton and other luxurious fabrics in high quality baby and children’s handmade clothing items. She has everything from pants to bandana bibs and gorgeous slouchy hoodies. I am super stoked about this cute puppy dog pattern that I am considering for my babes first birthday party!


2. Comfy Cubs Boutique 

A local online shop bringing a variety of Canadian local shops right to you! Great cloth diaper options, grow with me pants and so much more! I love all of the gorgeous prints to choose from in every line, hand picked by a local mama! Check it out on Facebook! 

3. Miss Monkey Family Boutique

This online boutique provides teething accessories that are great for babies while being safe and adorable! Handcrafted with love in Kamloops, the colour combinations on these items is great! Definitely check them out when you need something unique and special for a teething baby in your life!

4. Paisley’s Pants

A local baby and children’s clothing shop that provides a variety of styles of clothing including maxaloons! I love all of the prints and the quality of these items is second to none! Fabrics are so soft and well made! A great one-stop shop for quality children’s clothing!

What are your favourite local shops? Let me know in the comments! 



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