Everyday chaos. Sweet, lovable chaos


I thought I knew busy. I did not know busy. Busy before children was multiple plans in the same day or consecutive days in a week, or a lot of stuff going on at work. I now know busy in the sense of an unreasonable walking baby-toddler who is easily bored and enjoys garbage cans, cell phone chords, and brooms – real talk here. And us moms are dealing with all this on limited sleep and hyped up on coffee.

My child has been crawling since he was five and a half months,and he just started walking at 10.5 months. It’s exciting, of course but, it adds extra levels of unnecessary excitement to your day that’s for sure. Don’t even talk to me about stairs! Baby proofing only goes so far as they are super smart creatures and just move on to the next thing. I clean up one mess as another is being made.

Mealtime is another story. We elected to do baby led weaning at six months which was awesome and my child loves food BUT, it’s super messy as evidenced in the photo above. I know there are contraptions that help the bowl stay on the high chair and I will get one, eventually. He also enjoys dropping things on the floor, and feeding the dog.

I am writing this all down not as a complaint, although, some days it’s hard and constant. Some days,  you have no choice but to resort to tactics you never thought you would a.k.a Baby Einstein on repeat. I am writing this all down because as mothers, we all go through the same things. The constant “ta, ta!” or “uh, uh, uh!!” or “STOP CHILD STOP!” are common and all you can do is laugh. As much as it is trying, some nights when he goes down to sleep I just sit and look at pictures on my phone and miss him… even though I’ll see him again in three hours, more than likely.

This is motherhood. The roller coaster of emotions. Having two boys in my life (one step son), things are busy. I tip my hat to those moms with more than two children, especially those very close in age but, I know we all wouldn’t want things any other way. Even though these days are busy they go fast and I know I will miss this stage when it’s gone.

Just some random thoughts as my child is strapped in his high chair making a mess of the floor.

Happy Weekend!

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