My Tuesday night “me time” routine

Having an extremely busy eight month old has proven way more draining for me than a newborn. These last couple months have been a battle of wills. They are learning so, so much every single day and my child is easily frustrated. Couple that with fighting sleep and I am in dire need of some quality alone time. This brings me to my Tuesday night routine. I have started being way more regimented with bed time lately because he was starting to stay up until all hours and, while I loved the cuddles – it was a little bit much.

Recently, I have been watching the new show on NBC called This Is Us. It is so great and I think everyone should check it out – a very raw and real show that is extremely heart-felt and relatable. So, I decided to carve that time out for me! While I am watching my show, I ensure I get in some of my other favourite self-care activities into the mix.


Firstly, I grab my favourite hot beverage, or… wine. Usually ends up being a latte, or a cacao elixir. I also get a snack of some sort, typically Theo Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups or something salty like Hard Bite Chips. I also could eat avocado toast with feta cheese for every meal so sometimes it looks a lot like that. Another thing that helps me to relax is to diffuse some DoTerra essential oils. My favourite diffusion is the serenity blend for relaxation – a nice subtle and lavender smell really helps to mellow me out!


And last but not least! I do my Beautycounter charcoal routine – cleanse my face with the charcoal bar and then sit and watch the show with the purifying mask! Super relaxing and a nice little routine to take care of myself!


What are some of your self-care routines!? 

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