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I had tried out some of the Beautycounter products a few months back. I had used so many better beauty products that weren’t full of chemical crap in my quest to live my life as toxin-free as possible. I will be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because I had tried so many safer products and had been disappointed. There were a handful I liked and some I loved but I couldn’t find a brand that I found I consistently loved. Well, I have to say that I was BLOWN AWAY by the performance, quality, and lack of toxins that are in these products. They are luxurious yet rate extremely high on the EWG! I love every product and in a few short months, these products have helped to dramatically improved my skin.

The makeup is high performing, I am still shocked it is actually good for my skin!! I love, love, love the Tint Skin Foundation – this is my absolute favourite product, as I have spoken about on here before. 

I loved the Beautycounter products so much that I decided to jump on board and sell these products because I love them that much!

Now is a great time to jump in as a Canadian Beautycounter Consultant because Beautycounter just launched in Canada and we need more people to help spread the mission of Beautycounter. Sharing the mission is all part of it, Beautycounter is an education first company. As consultants, we are not only selling products, we are sharing information about harmful toxins in every day items while offering people an amazing safer alternative!



Want to join the movement? Now is a great time to join and to help launch Beautycounter in Canada – It’s brand new here!

Those who know me know I am extremely concerned about eating quality foods as well as the quality of the products that I put on my skin. I have finally found a company that I can truly say I love the products and I believe in their values and mission. These products are extremely high quality and completely safe! I feel extremely confident recommending these products to everyone and I am so excited to share this mission with anyone who wants to join! It’s a fun time.

The power of grey: beautycounter charcoal bar and mask

Personal Mission: Beautycounter

BEAUTYCOUNTER | Better products for the busy mom


You can build the business how YOU want! You get a product discount, training, commission, chances to earn trips and incentives… Yes you can! All while helping people make the switch to safer beauty!! Message me for details! $85 gets you signed up!


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