This is Us, my new Tuesday night (Warning, spoiler alert!!)

When I first saw the preview for NBC’s new show, This is Us, I was already hooked and clearly many other people were too! I was a HUGE Parenthood fan and was so sad when that show ended. Typically, I am someone who jumps on the TV series bandwagon a little late in the game… (still haven’t watched GOT, sorry)!

As soon as I saw the previews, I knew this show was going to be an almost continuation of Parenthood (it’s not but it is for me). I am a huge fan of the TV drama but, I like a more realistic, down to earth type drama. The first episode of This is Us aired on Tuesday, Sept 2o. I loved it but it was different than I had expected, different in a great way!

I think they did a great job of introducing the characters and explaining in one initial episode what could be quite a confusing storyline. In the first episode, we find out at the end of the episode that they have flipped between past and present and that all of the story line was connected in the most amazing way. It’s beautiful and shocking!

What I gather from the first episode is that the show is going to be a really genuine take on various aspects of people’s lives, positive and negative. It is going to be full of emotion and real drama and not overly far-fetched crap. I am so happy it’s more of a show based in reality and not so over exaggerated. It’s very relatable. I do however, wonder where the series is going to go because the first episode explained so much! I am so excited to have a new series to follow along with!

What did you think? 

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