Why we eat mostly organic food

IMG_7286 copy.pngSeptember 17 -25 is Organic Week! In my opinion it’s frustrating that we even have to say organic food but, that’s besides the point and reality of the situation today. We choose to eat organic for various reasons. It’s true it is more expensive (most of the time) but there are a few things that help us be able to afford it such as Costco and Superstore offering great options for more reasonably priced organic items. Also, the EWG’s Dirty Dozen guide is a great resource as to which foods are worse off as far as pesticides to allow you to decide which to make a priority to buy organic.

Here are a few of my family’s reasons for why we choose organic.

Taste – I find the comparison between eating an organic fruit or vegetable or even chicken for that matter is not even close. I usually find I enjoy eating organic produce more than non-organic. In my opinion, it’s generally more flavourful.

Health concerns – While I generally live by the motto of everything in moderation, I do believe our body has a body burden and can only handle so much chemical crap being piled into it. This is especially concerning for the health of my children as pesticides can be extra detrimental to the developing brain and body.

Environmental concerns – spraying these chemicals is killing our bees, and without bees, we won’t have any food, plain and simple. Also, it’s just not good for our ecosystem in general.

Voting with your dollar – It’s important to me to contribute how I can. I think one of the most powerful things we can do is to put our money where our mouth is. The more people demand organic and unprocessed food, the more we will receive and at a better price. The change has already started a bit with more grocery stores expanding their organic sections and brining in more organic produce.

To learn more about Organic Week and to find events visit: www.organicweek.ca



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