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Do you know what you are putting on your skin day in and day out? Our skin is our largest organ and therefore what we put on it goes in it and is absorbed rapidly! Because some products have harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into our bodies, they can cause our health harm by causing toxicity. Our bodies can become burdened  (body burden) with toxins resulting in potential illness.

 I made a personal commitment a long time ago be educated about what I was eating and what products I was using on my body. It has been a very trial and error processes and a huge learning experience! I have found some amazing products and some that didn’t do my skin any favours even though they were safer. As I have posted on this blog I have a few favourites but, nothing compares to Beautycounter. I have never come across a line of beautiful products that are also made safe!

Beautycounter is committed to quality products while keeping their commitments. They have a never list of ingredients that will never be found in their products, products that fair well on the EWG’s skin deep database, a B corporation with a commitment to people and society and a mission of education about harmful chemicals in everyday care products.

It is because of all of these points that I found that Beautycounter really represented what I am all about so, I have decided to join the safer product mission!

These products are not only safer, they perform really well! The Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation is my absolute favourite but all of their products are second to none in quality and performance.img_7113

I would be happy to help you get safer and beautiful products into your hands. Beautycounter offers skincare lines, makeup, and Kidcounter which is their line for children. I am so thrilled to share in this mission as it is my passion and one that affects all of us! Join me on this journey! To learn more visit









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