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I’ve always loved to peruse around Chapters/Indigo stores while sipping on a coffee and taking my time browsing all the latest books and trinkets the store has to offer. I mean,  I am pretty sure someone could live in this store with the Starbucks, throw pillows, candles, tea, and numerous cooking items, not to mention all the books!

The carefully articulated displays are always eye catching and really draw you in to want to look at every little detail this store has to offer. Being on mat leave, this has been something I have done quite frequently. With the store frequently changing there is always something new to look at and it gets you out of the house!


I love the front displays, they are always so eye-catching. They make you really, really want another notebook, even though you really don’t need one. Actually, they make you want one of everything in the store.


With the displays regularly changing, you can always be certain there will be something new to look at and, therefore, new items on sale. Chapters/Indigo has a consistent familiarity to their products but they also adapt to the changing seasons. Basically, you could get new/same notebook in like ten different colours, or, that “S” letter mug with a different colour on the inside.

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My favourite sections include the home wear/lifestyle section which is dotted with helpful cooking and lifestyle books.
The Home Event: 25% off select items


The Voluspa Candles are my absolute favourite and I save my Plum Rewards for these! Speaking of Plum Rewards, in the last year, the company has revamped the program to include more member incentives throughout the year. Meaning, if you shop strategically you will be rewarded.

The Home Event: 25% off Candles & Accessories


The home decor options to this store are endless! From glass boxes that can be brilliant display cases on a coffee table or on a shelf to whimsical word cut-outs, this store really is a one-stop-shop and a magical place to spend an afternoon browsing, any woman would agree!

The Home Event: Save 25% on select items


Ahh, and then we hit the baby/children’s section. A place I have run into many a mom looking to waste an afternoon! This is not to say nothing is purchased, for the amount of time spent browsing, many purchases are made. Whether it be gifts or necessities such as Honest products, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (necessity).


I know many women on mat-leave like me, who could spend hours browsing in this store and carefully deciding between getting the Jelly Cat bunny or saving their precious Plum Rewards for Christmas shopping. Chapters/Indigo is a really fun store that has evolved over the years and it ventures to have a little bit of everything!

Happy browsing/buying things you don’t “need.”

What are your favourite Chapters/Indigo items? 

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