Baby playtime | favourite outfits


One of our favourite mat-leave past times for my boy and I has been to go to the library. We can go for a stroll, read books, play with the toys in the children’s area and even make new friends! It is especially great when the weather is a little dreary in the summer time.

Moccs: SORBET from Teepeetots&co | Favourite Reversible Pants: Gap  | Bandana Bib: CD&Bree | Sweater: Second-Hand Joe Fresh

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We wear our moccs all the time! Even when we are just lounging around the house!

Moccs: SORBET from Teepeetots&co | Pants: Gap Favourite banded pants 


Sometimes we are feeling a bit more daring and wear awesome animal prints! Love these organic cotton leggings from Teepeetots&co. I love that they are made of organic cotton and are manufactured right here in Calgary!

 Organic Cotton Leggings: Teepeetots&co. | Moccs: Olly Oaks Winter Moccs in Cosmic Blue


Sometimes its really hot outside and inside and we opt for a cotton one piece short ensemble in a light colour with some nice fishies.

Romper: Joe Fresh | Moccs: Olly Oaks Winter Moccs in Cosmic Blue


It’s awesome looking stylish while learning to stand!

Romper: Joe Fresh | Moccs: Olly Oaks Winter Moccs in Cosmic Blue


And, a lot of our playtime favourites are food-themed. This is one of my favourite outfits! As you can tell, I love stripes!

Onesie: Indigo Baby | Pants: Joe Fresh 

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