Quick and simple snacks I always have on hand

IMG_5598.JPGI have always been a grazer but, in recent years I have had a hard time remembering to snack between meals, especially when I am busy with work and other things. Now that I am breastfeeding I am finding myself even more hungry, more often. There are a few simple items that I try to always have on hand so that I can always have something healthy to fuel my body.

Nuts – most nuts are full of good and healthy fats and are great for a quick pick me up in the mid afternoon. Many nuts offer protein and I find a little goes a long way in terms of filling me up. I will grab handfuls of raw walnuts, almonds or cashews. If you are trying to watch your weight be mindful of how many you are eating as they are high in fat but, a small handful is great beneficial snack which is super easy and quick! It is important to get a variety of nuts in your diet because different nuts have different health benefits. To learn more about how nuts can help your health, check out this article.


Energy balls – I love a great bite of superfood goodness. There are endless combinations you can try and they are generally very simple. I have a favourite recipe from Oh She Glows that basically tastes like raw cookie dough but they are made with healthy ingredients.IMG_4115 I also, for a healthy treat,  will buy some locally from a shop called Little Tucker as they have a great variety of options, packed with super healthy ingredients to help boost your energy throughout the day!

Here are a few links to my favourite energy ball recipes. Oh She Glows Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites, Joyous Health Sexy Maca BallsPeanut Butter Cup Energy Bites – Minimalist BakerClassic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls – Deliciously Ella. 

Avocado – I always have avocado on hand and seem to eat it with breakfast lunch and dinner.For a snack, what I like to do is scoop out an avocado onto a plate and season with a bit of sea salt and eat with some crackers. A lot of times I add a nice slice of aged white cheddar, when I want to indulge. Avocado is such a healthy fat and it also contains about 458mg of potassium! You really can’t go wrong!


Granola – I love making granola bites. I eat granola on basically everything including toast and yogurt. Lately, I have found an awesome way to enjoy it as a quick snack. I mix some granola with coconut oil and peanut butter and press into an ice cube tray. I place in the freezer for 15 min and voila, a quick and convenient snack! Granola is great because it combines so many healthy ingredients into one pot. Just use whatever your favourite granola recipe is.

Raw Veggies and Hummus – You can’t go wrong with any type of veggie. I also like making my own hummus (it’s super simple) and using that as a dip for veggies like carrot sticks, red peppers, celery, broccoli, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I like to have some veggies cut up and on hand ahead of time so that it’s a quick and easy snack!

What are your favourite fast and easy snacks? Comment below! 

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