Five months in: Baby products I cannot live without


The baby industry is a big industry and it seems like there is absolutely something for every need a baby would have, and then some! There are many baby products out there and many are completely unnecessary. There are a few however, that make my life so much easier! One of the biggest things that I have learned being a mom is that all babies are so different, I mean, it makes sense right!? What works for some, may not work for all. There are a few things though that make my life so much easier and they may work for you too!

  1. Aden and Anais bibs and muslin blankets – I was gifted the muslin blankets by my good friend over at These are seriously the best blankets that can be used for literally everything. The bibs are large and super soft too. I couldn’t live without these two items!
  2. Camilia Teething Drops – We hit the teething major early. At five months we have two teeth but he has faired pretty well pain-wise. I find the Camilia Drops are a great natural alternative remedy for teething. The drops are a solution of diluted German Chamomile and have really helped to calm Gabe down. Read more about these drops and their ingredients, here. 
  3. Sophie – So, I had avoided buying the Sophie for as long as possible. I was thinking that this piece of rubber made to look like a giraffe couldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be… well, everyone I talked to said their babies love it! I was skeptical and cringed at paying $30 for this teething toy. Well, I must say if you are going to buy any teething toy, buy this one, they love it! There are a few different Sophie models, some which are easier for younger babies to hold. I got the original Sophie and while it’s a bit difficult for him to maneuver at the moment, he really loves it!
  4. Antilop High Chair – The Swedes do everything better, don’t they? This is a super inexpensive option for a high chair, from Ikea. It is compact and does the job. You cannot beat this price point!
  5. Exersaucer/Play Mat – Babies at this stage need to be entertained and don’t have a long attention span. It’s been important to have a variety of activities. I recommend a large play area where they can move around freely (yes, they get around quickly at this stage).
  6. Soft toy with many textures – Like the previous point, a soft toy with many textures and crinkly sounds can help keep babies at this stage entertained. Toys like this are a life saver in the car.
  7. Coffee/Drive Thrus – Yes, I need my coffee. Also, I never understood why people always needed drive thrus – I always went in. Now, I get it!
  8. Mesh Feeder – Mesh feeders are great for introducing solid foods and new textures. They also work really well for breast milk ice cubes for baby to chomp and suck on when they are teething.
  9. Rocking Chair – I never really used this when he was a newborn as he wasn’t much of a fusser. Now, it’s taking a lot more to get him to go to sleep, especially if he is overtired. I have the Poang chair with an ottoman and it works well, put me right to sleep!
  10. Carrier – I currently use the Ergo but, I would love a Tula. I like the soft structured carrier as I am a baby-wearing newbie but I am hoping to try a woven really soon!

There are endless items that you can buy for baby. I buy a lot of my items used, especially clothing because they don’t use items for long and it’s more environmentally friendly. These are just a few things that I find extremely helpful day-to-day and maybe you will too.


What baby items make your life easier?


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