Out and about. #Brunchin.

My friend and I recently tried a new spot in Calgary called ACE Coffee + Diner, in the Southwest area of Calgary. I am always up for trying a new brunch spot, especially one that has coffee in the title. We went a bit out of both our areas to try this super urban spot in the heart of suburbia. They have been open since November, 2015 and I have been told they are usually extremely packed, especially on weekends… as and any good brunch/lunch place is in this city.


ACE Coffee + Diner serves local Phil and Sebastian coffee. The latte was very well made and had no “burnt” flavour that I sometimes find lattes made quickly can have.


They have an all day brunch menu which is to die for! Their menu was overall mouth watering and it definitely took us a while to decide what we wanted to order. I can never resist a good eggs benny, especially one with a bit of a different spin. We both went with the eggs benny. My friend chose the pancetta benny while I chose the kale feta. The smashed potatoes as has browns which come with most breakfast selections were the perfect side and my veggie benny was cooked perfectly with nice sautéed kale, oven dried tomatoes underneath the hollandaise and feta cheese. What was unique about this eggs benny was the buttermilk biscuit instead of the english muffin bottom. The biscuit was a nice sweetness in all the salty goodness piled on top!

I would highly recommend visiting ACE Coffee + Diner, in Calgary. I will definitely be back!

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