My Top 10 Newborn Essentials

So, this blog is becoming more and more a baby blog but, that’s my life right now. Before having baby I was always wondering, what is he actually going to need? There were a lot of items I wanted and obviously such cute clothes but I always wondered what would I would need exactly. Three weeks into motherhood and here are some things that I have found most useful thus far.

1. Swaddles

This may seem like a pretty obvious one, newborns need swaddles, right? I have used mine so much, for so many different things. I love the Aden and Anais swaddles, the large ones. They are muslin and have so many different uses! I use them as a swaddle or to throw over the car seat as a cover.


   2.  A Carrier or Wrap

I am new to the whole baby wearing thing and I was a bit skeptical at first and wasn’t sure if baby would like it. I purchased a second hand Moby Wrap and he absolutely loves it! It is fairly simple to use and is a great way to calm baby, allow mom to get some things done and can be an alternative to a stroller. The Moby is a stretchy wrap and is just the gateway to baby wearing. I am so excited to delve more into the baby wearing world but for now, the Moby does the trick!

   3. Footed Pants

I personally much prefer footed pants to a sleeper. It’s an easier diaper change and you don’t have to worry about socks. Gap has some great options!

    4. Breast pads

For some reason, I didn’t really think about leakage while breastfeeding and in the post partum period. Trust me, you’ll need these. The Lansinoh breast pads are really great!

    5. Bio Gaia

This probiotic for infants is great to have on hand. Everyone needs probiotics and this one can help reduce colic. I started giving it to baby at about 2 weeks. He’s not super gassy but I feel like it’s a good thing to give and will help him to prevent any discomfort as well as support his digestion!

     6. Cloth Wipes

Some people may not consider this a necessity but I find cloth wipes clean 99 per cent better than the disposable baby wipes. Also, if you run out of disposables as you go through copious amounts, it’s good t have an alternative on hand. I am working on going 100 per cent cloth diapered and wiped!

7. Snot Sucker

Sounds gross I know but, babies are often super congested after birth. This helps to clear the congestion and can be used with saline drops as well. It’s no fun to hear a baby snorting while breathing and this really helps clear them out!

8. Frankincense Essential Oil

I love essential oils and I used them during my labour and now I am using them on baby – super diluted of course. My favourite is frankincense on the bottom of his feet to help boost his immunity. It’s so important this time of year to do what you can to prevent illness and I know this may not be for everyone but my opinion is every little bit can help! I use DoTerra’s frankincense essential oil super diluted on the bottoms of his feet daily. Make sure you dilute it to about a 1/10 ratio and keep clear of baby’s hands so he doesn’t accidentally ingest the oil.

9. Hard Drive

You are going to be taking a lot of photos and videos! Make sure you have something to back them up so those memories don’t get lost!

10. Portable Change Pad

This is one of the most useful items. You’ll need it to change baby anywhere and everywhere, even for inside the house. I got one that folds up flat into a clutch shape and easily fits into the diaper bag!

Of course there are a ton of other items that can be deemed necessities, these were just a few I was surprised I use as much as a I do!

What are your must have new born items?

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