Bump Day: 7 weeks to go and nursery pictures!

Happy Bump Day! There are only about seven weeks left until my actual due date. I am getting so excited and a little bit nervous. I think we have everything all ready, except I need to pack my hospital bag… There is so much to think about but in all reality everything will come together, especially now that we have all of the bigger items out of the way.

I still need to buy a nosefrida though, that’s been on my list for months!

There are really so, so many things that you have to think about before baby arrives, not to mention after! I am working through my birth plan this week and reading some newborn care books as well.

Some books that I would recommend to read during pregnancy:

Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth

This book helps you to feel empowered about child birth. I am trying to tell myself that it really is mind over matter and not to listen to the bad stories. It might hurt but I am trying to stay positive and excited and that is exactly what this book helps with along with a lot of other useful child bearing information. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Sears, The Baby Book (Dr. Sears comes with a lot of contorversy around vaccines but, I think he provides a lot of helpful information)

This book gives you information regarding attachment parenting, and everything you need to know about baby through to two years old. It’s a great resource!

Sprout Right

This book provides information on the importance of nutrition and diet and the impact it can have on baby from conception to birth and beyond. Super helpful and interesting. Although, pregnancy cravings like Reeses Pieces can get in the way sometimes!

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and while I am nursing a bit of a cold now, I can’t complain much, I’ve actually loved most of it. It is sad that it soon will be coming to an end but we are so excited to welcome this new little human into the world!

Our nursery/boys room is now basically complete. We have a few finishing touches left but for the most part, it’s done!


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