Recipe: probiotic smoothie

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I am always looking for quick and simple ways to add probiotics to my diet. Gut health is extremely important but people don’t always think about it. Also, recently, I have been trying to incorporate more dates into my life as they are supposed to help with duration and pain in labour by thinning the cervix and potentially strengthening the uterus. You’re supposed to eat around six per day in the last weeks of pregnancy so, I have found the easiest way to get them in is adding them to blended beverages.

I thought I would share this great smoothie recipe that I found recently. It incorporates kefir which is a great source of probiotics as well as helps me to get my allotted dates in.


Makes 2 glasses

1 cup kefir (if store-bought, look for unsweetened plain kefir with live cultures)
1 cup water or unsweetened almond milk
Half an orange, peeled and cut in to sections
4-5 dates, pitted
1 avocado, peeled, seeded and sliced
1 Tbsp raw cacao powder

Throw all the ingredients in to the blender and blend till smooth.  If the consistency is too thick for you, add half a cup of water or almond milk and blend.

How do you get your probiotics in? 

My Favourite Etsy Shops for Baby Items

So, I hadn’t really ventured to purchase too many things on Etsy prior to buying baby items. I had always browsed the site and loved everything I saw, but I was so nervous to actually pull the trigger and order something!

Well, I couldn’t resist any longer and I could not be more happy with what I decided to buy. I have been *trying* as much as possible to shop local and small business when purchasing for baby. And while I have way more than enough, there are always so many cute items that are hand made by people who take such time and care to create beautiful products. I thought I would do a quick round up of the favourite shops that I have found!

3 Joyful hearts design 

While this shop isn’t exactly local to me, the quality and care in the products is irresistible. My little boy is going to look so adorable going home in this cute owl crochet hat. It is super soft and made with gorgeous detail. I also purchased a cute basketball hat and diaper cover as a photo prop. If you are looking for cute crochet hats for babies or children or even some props for a newborn photo shoot, look no further than this awesome Etsy shop.

3 Joyful hearts design has hundreds of crochet styles to choose from and they are all absolutely gorgeous.












CD & Bree 

I was shopping around for those cute bandanna bibs on Etsy and I was really hoping to find some super local. I searched for my area and hoped to do local pick-up. I found this great shop,  CD & Bree, for baby apparel including the bandanna bib, in so many cute patterns! Using organic cotton, these bibs are great for little baby’s drool and spit up but they still look super cute! I can’t wait to see my little guy in them! I will definitely be ordering more and I love that she is local.


Mimi Shop 

In an effort to buy and support local and to avoid the big box, and valuing quality while keeping the baby toys at a minimum (really, they do not need many toys), I was introduced to Mimi Shop. This great Etsy shop is based out of Vancouver, so relatively local for me and all hand made, unique, quality baby toys. These items are so adorable, great quality and one of a kind. I purchased a music box that can be attached to the car seat or crib as well as a baby rattle. I will definitely be looking to purchase more as the quality just can’t be beat and, they are just so adorable! There are a variety of items and styles to choose from and mine were shipped out almost immediately!


Baby Nell Designs 

I was looking for a simple tag blanket toy and again, wanted to purchase local. I found this local shop, Baby Nell Designs. This shop has beautiful quilts, tag blankets and bandanna bibs. I absolutely love all of the items in this shop! They are all such beautiful and unique creations and the fabric patterns are very unique! The items were shipped out quickly and again, they best part for me is to get quality hand made goods while supporting local business!


Twig and Timber 

I purchased the four woodland wall pieces from Twig and Timber a while back for use in the nursery. I love how unique these pieces are and you have the option to completely customize what you want. Their woodland décor fit my nursery theme really well but they have such a variety of items to choose from that can work in any room. I highly recommend them if you are looking for something unique to your home!




A personal essay: I’m not the only one who sees the beauty in a sunset…

IMG_3511 Perhaps this post is a bit deeper than what I normally write. It is something that is very important to me, today and every day.

As we celebrate today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it is a reminder of the world that Dr. King envisioned. His messages of love and perseverance and infinite number of quotes pour out over social media. It brings to my mind a reflection on the state of the world, where we have been, where we are now and where we are going. His messages should be a reminder to us not only today but everyday. But perhaps, the more things change the more they remain the same. Continue reading

Bump Day: 7 weeks to go and nursery pictures!

Happy Bump Day! There are only about seven weeks left until my actual due date. I am getting so excited and a little bit nervous. I think we have everything all ready, except I need to pack my hospital bag… There is so much to think about but in all reality everything will come together, especially now that we have all of the bigger items out of the way.

I still need to buy a nosefrida though, that’s been on my list for months!

There are really so, so many things that you have to think about before baby arrives, not to mention after! I am working through my birth plan this week and reading some newborn care books as well.

Some books that I would recommend to read during pregnancy:

Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth

This book helps you to feel empowered about child birth. I am trying to tell myself that it really is mind over matter and not to listen to the bad stories. It might hurt but I am trying to stay positive and excited and that is exactly what this book helps with along with a lot of other useful child bearing information. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Sears, The Baby Book (Dr. Sears comes with a lot of contorversy around vaccines but, I think he provides a lot of helpful information)

This book gives you information regarding attachment parenting, and everything you need to know about baby through to two years old. It’s a great resource!

Sprout Right

This book provides information on the importance of nutrition and diet and the impact it can have on baby from conception to birth and beyond. Super helpful and interesting. Although, pregnancy cravings like Reeses Pieces can get in the way sometimes!

I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and while I am nursing a bit of a cold now, I can’t complain much, I’ve actually loved most of it. It is sad that it soon will be coming to an end but we are so excited to welcome this new little human into the world!

Our nursery/boys room is now basically complete. We have a few finishing touches left but for the most part, it’s done!