Bump Day: Prenatal Yoga, do it!


While I have been super lucky with this pregnancy being relatively uneventful (Thank God), I have been doing my best to take the best care of my body. As I am entering my third trimester I have noticed a shift in aches and pains. My back is starting to hurt a bit (I thought it would a lot more as I have minor scoliosis but pregnancy has seemed to help with that).

Something that I have found to help me a lot is prenatal yoga. I go to classes at the Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility and I really, I really try my best to go at least once a week, though sometimes my tiredness gets the better of me. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is pregnant and to start right at 12 weeks and continue with it right through. I have no idea if or how much it will help my labour but the instructor always gives a lot of great tips on good postures to help in early labour and to help the baby into the optimal birth position.

Even when I can’t make it to yoga class I love that I can do some of the postures at home to help with back pain and to stretch out. I really do notice a huge difference in body + mind after just a few poses.

Cat – Cows 

I have found these to help immensely with stretching out my back and they are so simple to do.

On  a yoga mat or a towel get onto all fours. Inhale right down to your baby while tipping your tail bone up and your bellow lowers.

As you exhale round your back and tuck in your chin, this is the cat position.

Repeat for a few breaths.

You can view the position in more detail, here.

Deep Squats 

Deep hip opening sitting squats not only feel great and help to release tension in hips and back, they can help to get baby in an optimal position as well. I usually sit on a foam block as I find that more comfortable.

All you have to do is get into a squatting position with your feet about hip distance apart. It helps me to interlock my fingers and gently press my thumbs against my forehead as a hold the squat. Hold for about 45 seconds.

Click here to read more about this posture.

Child’s Pose

As simple as it sounds, this pose has been so great for my spine in pregnancy. It’s relaxing and helps me go to sleep. It is so simple to do and can be done virtually anywhere.

Kneel down with you knees a little bit wider than hip distance and sit down on your heels. Slowly lean forward and stretch or walk your arms out straight ahead. Bow your head down and make sure you are breathing deeply throughout this pose.

To see this pose in more detail click, here.

And lastly, while not totally a yoga pose, something that feels really great and really gets the blood flowing is doing legs up the wall. This pose has so many great benefits and I highly recommend trying it out. It can be quite awkward to get into and don’t do it after 36 weeks! Check out more information on the benefits of laying down with your legs up the wall, here.

There are countless other poses that have done wonders for me this pregnancy but these are just a few of my favourites.

For further resources on prenatal yoga poses that you can do at home check out babymed.com

What is your favourite yoga pose in pregnancy? 

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, yoga instructor or chiropractor. Please consult with a professional if you have any questions or concerns. 

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