Easy, make ahead breakfast bakes


Ever struggle with what to eat for breakfast? I am one of those people that values sleep over eating breakfast… I know, I need to get my priorities in order. With the exception of avocado toast, cereal and the occasional bowl of oat meal, my breakfast choices are pretty bland.

However, I did just make this killer breakfast bake that is so easy and makes enough for the whole week, although you may eat them faster than planned and that’s okay because it is so simple to make more!

Here’s what you do and feel free to swap in other ingredients as you see fit because there really is no right or wrong way to do these!

I use a large muffin tin and use one egg for each muffin or bake.

So for this particular recipe I used six eggs.

In a bowl whisk up six eggs with 1/2 to 1  cup of grated sharp cheddar cheese (depending on how cheesy you like it).

Add in half an onion, diced and two cloves of minced garlic.

Loosely chop a green of your choice – I used green swiss chard, about 1/2 cup.

Add in a pinch of sea salt to taste.

Stir all ingredients and pour equal amounts into a greased muffin tin.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes or until the egg mixture is fully cooked.

This recipe would be great with so many other ingredients too! You could line the tins with bacon if you wish or add in a bunch of other greens or even tomatoes. It would also be great with added spices such as paprika!

The best part is you can wrap up individually to have on-hand each day for breakfast. I am partial to eating mine with a side of avocado.

What are your go-to breakfast recipes?

Mom’s recipe: turkey noodle soup

I love soup! It’s such an easy and delicious way to have a nutritious meal and is great to make ahead. With it recently being Canadian Thanksgiving, my mom always uses the leftovers for turkey soup! This year, we added a bit of a twist!


This recipe could easily be adapted for chicken as well!

Simply boil bones all day with celery sticks, carrots, onion and bay leaves and season with salt and pepper. Then, remove broth and separate meat from the bones and cut up larger pieces of meat.

Add all ingredients back into pot and add about 1 1/2 cups of carrots, one chopped onion, a few celery sticks thinly chopped, and 1 cup of organic quinoa. Finish with some organic kale, heat and serve.

So simple, yet so delicious and makes amazing leftovers!

Feel free to change this recipe as you see fit. It would work great with spinach and other veggies added!

Bump Day! Supplements in Pregnancy


Hitting week 20 of pregnancy and I am feeling pretty good! Good nutrition is super important for pregnancy and I have researched and consulted with holistic nutritionists and my doctor about supplements during pregnancy. I knew for sure that I wanted to focus on whole food vitamins and I had already been taking the Mega Food Baby and Me vitamin for about eight months prior to becoming pregnant. It contains all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to help develop baby and sustain a healthy pregnancy, including Folate which is so important before and during early pregnancy.

I read a lot about vitamins and a couple of lists that I found helpful were from Mama Natural and Wellness Mama, sharing the supplements that they take during pregnancy. I don’t take all that they take and it really depends on your comfort level and needs during pregnancy.

One thing that Enza Ward, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Senzable Health pointed out to me that was super important for pregnancy was probiotics.

Babies are born with a sterile gut so it is so important to take a high quality probiotic supplement or obtain probiotics through food to get the right balance of gut bacteria.

I am taking Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics which contain 12 probiotic strains and use a traditional Asian fermentation process.

You can also obtain probiotics through fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut as well as tempeh and kefir.

Another supplement that I feel is very important is a good prenatal omega three that contains DHA and EPA. I have been taking the Garden of Life brand Ocean’s Mom.

Recently, I have been reading articles that say most of the population is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is important for general health but can help to get things moving, especially in pregnancy. I am taking a magnesium citrate from Natural Factors.

I usually take a B-complex vitamin to help regulate my mood and for energy. I was taking it leading up to pregnancy and have taken it periodically throughout. B vitamins are water soluble so you pee out any excess however, it is important not to over do it.

I have also been drinking red raspberry leaf tea, periodically. It is said to help with morning sickness and strengthen the uterine muscles.

There are many other supplements women can take in pregnancy and it is really up to the mother what her comfort level is and her needs in pregnancy.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, naturopath or medical professional. These statements are my own personal beliefs. Please consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.