Three Southern Alberta coffee stops for your road trip this summer


I am a coffee lover and no, generally the fast-food coffee won’t do. In previous posts I have noted my favourites in Calgary but, there are some great little coffee stops in small towns in southern Alberta. Here are three that I would recommend stopping at on your next road trip!

1. Station Coffee Co. – Medicine Hat

In my few trips to Medicine Hat this year, I have stopped into this coffee shop in the heart of the gas city. I love the historical vibe and the authentic, fresh Fratello coffee. They have amazing lunch and pastries and best of all down town Medicine Hat is just so cute!

2. A River Ran Through It Cafe – High River

This is a new little spot  in High River, with perhaps a very fitting name. But, the coffee is fresh and they offer a full coffee menu. They also have sandwiches that are uniquely created to be spectacular for your taste buds, my favourite is the “mosquito madness” which is their vegetarian version (no actual mosquitoes). They use high quality ingredients and all of their bread is from Cobbs. If you are ever heading south on Highway 2, definitely stop in as it is only about five minutes off the highway.

3. Wildflour Bakery – Banff 

Whenever I am in Banff, I love stopping into this bustling little bakery. They have endless breads and delicately crafted pastries. They also have a full breakfast and lunch menu. It is a delicious coffee stop in the midst of breathtaking scenery, definitely a must stop!

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