A few blogs I’m currently into

I remember a journalism professor I had always emphasizing that in order to become a better writer, you had to read good writing.I would say the same applies generally to blogging.

I always enjoy reading other blogs and people are so creative! It’s always great to read posts that really inspire you and help to generate your own ideas.

Here are a few local blogs that I am currently reading:

Yuppie Love 

This blog, by local lifestyle writer/blogger, Kait is a beautiful site dedicated to gorgeous design, dotted with great travel posts. If you are a design enthusiast and you want more of a local take, this is the blog to read! The writing and the photos are seamless and there is definitely something for everyone! Check it out and be inspired!

PS Love Mecoh

I love stumbling upon other local bloggers. It is so great to be able to read local writing and find common ground with others. This site by local blogger and new mommy, Mecoh is a wonderful read and the photos are just so darling! It is a cute glimpse into her life and is super relatable. This blog covers not only her life but things that are really important to her and I find that really inspiring.

Velvet and Vino 

My favourite YYC fashion blogger, Velvet and Vino. This site is absolutely stunning. Her photos are gorgeous and it is such a nice daydream to scroll through all of her travel photos.

Home to Heather 

This blog covers it all. Recipes, health, lifestyle, kids, decor, local events. It’s a great all encompassing “mommy” type blog that still has something of interest to everyone.

A Healthy Mess 

I love finding like-minded people on the internet… and local ones are even better! This site offers great recipes, travel stories, make-up tips and, I think it is a site that has posts that a lot of twentysomethings can relate to.

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