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Cannons on Fort Rodney, Pigeon Island, St Lucia Photo by Global Ranger/
Cannons on Fort Rodney, Pigeon Island, St Lucia
Photo by Global Ranger/

I haven’t travelled many places. Lately I have been aching to go somewhere new. If feasible, travel is so good for the soul! Part of living whole-istically, in my opinion is being able to explore and experience life!

When I travel, I love to explore and I am not one to sit around and just relax but admittedly, I have never been on a beach vacation… so maybe I will change my mind. The farthest away I have been from home is Italy. It was a great trip with my dad a few years back that I will never forget. He was working so I had to do a lot of exploring on my own which made me realize as much as I love to see the things I want to see, travelling is generally better done with someone you love.

The next place on my list to travel is St. Lucia. My boyfriend is from the island and I am so excited to visit his family and learn more about his culture. I am also so nervous to go there as I know it will be so different from anything that I have experienced before but, getting to see his country and explore where he grew up will be amazing, I cannot wait!

When I have travelled, whether that be to Italy or various places around the States and Canada, I have learned so much. I always try to pack my days full to see as much as possible. Last summer, I went to Montreal with my family. My dad is from Montreal and it was a really great trip because my papa showed us around where he grew up in Griffintown. There were still places that he remembered but much of the area has gone through gentrification although many street names remain the same.

I just thought I would share some snap shots of my favourite places in Montreal and Quebec City.

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I have also recently travelled to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. This was a quick trip for a friends wedding. It was definitely a cool place to see and one that I might not have ventured to otherwise. I really enjoyed seeing Georgetown, it felt so southern with brick side walks and super colourful houses.

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But, perhaps one of my favourite trips that I have taken in the last few years was to Vancouver. I spent every summer as a child vacationing on Vancouver Island where my beloved Nana and Papa retired. It was seriously the best way to spend childhood summers and my heart aches so much that I haven’t been back. But, a few years ago we made a quick trip to Vancouver, a place both me and my boyfriend dream about calling home one day. Vancouver is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world and even being there for a few days was refreshing.

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These are a few places that I’ve been blessed enough to be able to travel to recently. I love the maritimes and I have lived in Halifax. I would love to go to Newfoundland and explore more of the East Coast. One day I would also love to see my roots and go to Ireland. So many day dreams, so little time and money!

Where are you dreaming about travelling to?

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