Super easy dinner you can make tonight


Sometimes, I just don’t know what to make for dinner. Earlier this week, I was dealing with this dilemma. I had a jar of pasta sauce and some noodles but I wanted it to be a bit more interesting than just pasta sauce and noodles.

All I did was add some chickpeas, purple kale, salt and pepper and topped with cheese.

That’s it.

I used, organic roasted garlic pasta sauce, Eden Organic chickpeas, organic purple kale, and some organic pasta – usually I use spelt pasta.

Adding a few simple ingredients to the pasta sauce made this quick weeknight dinner a bit more enjoyable and a bit more healthy.

We all have a story to tell, what’s yours?

I wanted to share a friend’s story. Her words are powerful, even in a time of struggle. Her story may be more challenging than some but I think we can all relate to struggle, perseverance and defining ourselves. Like I have said before in previous posts, if we all share our story we will all be able to find some common ground and I think that is a great part of healing. I would encourage you  to share your struggles and your story with someone and maybe you might be surprised with the response or the outcome.

Written by Cait on her blog: Fancy, Free and Fatigued 

Every heart has a story to tell, let me introduce mine

To my Core:

I’m writing this blog in hopes that you can understand that although my body is not well and I am struggling that I am happy. I’m writing this to give you the opportunity to understand my experience and in hopes that maybe I can influence yours. My journey has taught me to remain resilient when fairness and kindness are meek and to kindly push boundaries when you feel that something is not right. Life is so extraordinary if you develop the right approach. xo


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Vegan Black Bean and Seitan Stew

I am always on the lookout for new, easy vegetarian recipes that are full of flavour and that are good leftover. I find that soups, stews or dishes with some sort of sauce or broth generally do the trick. I recently picked up the cookbook Afro-Vegan:Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, & Southern Flavors Remixed by Bryant Terry. 


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