Sunday Farmers Market Finds

IMG_0365 When I moved to Halifax in 2009, the Seaport Market was a usual weekend outing. Before it was in the new space it was in the Historic Farmers Market building, a beautiful, historic stone building on Lower Water Street. The old market is still there but they have created a new larger Seaport Market as well. It was always a wonderful way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning and I will never forget all the locals and students walking up Spring Garden Road with their delicious treats and groceries. Oh, and the apple cider, who could forget the jugs of apple cider!

Now that I am back in Calgary, I frequent our Calgary Farmers Market. It is different than the Halifax market and in my opinion nothing can top Halifax, well, except maybe a market in Europe or something. But, my love for the Halifax market is probably more nostalgia than anything – well, and their crepes, and the fact that it overlooked the Atlantic ocean… anyway… day dreams aside the Calgary Farmers Market is pretty good too.

I go to the Calgary Farmers Market, mostly for three things – coffee from Fratello, perogies from Margheritas, and croissants and pastries of all kinds from Yum Bakery. I do also do some grocery shopping there, especially in the summer when you can get an abundance of great local produce. Just to note – you do have to be careful because just because it is a farmer’s market, doesn’t mean everything is organic – look for the booths that strictly say organic, nongmo, etc. or follow the EWG’s dirty dozen/clean fifteen list. So, here is what I’ve found today… IMG_0364 1. Organic Frozen Butternut Squash Soup from The Stock and Sauce Co.  This delicious soup is great to have on hand for a quick week night dinner. Just thaw, heat and serve! All of their soups are great tasting but the butternut squash is my favourite. It is just the right amount of sweetness and it definitely tastes homemade. Best part of all, it’s local and organic! It’s a bit on the pricey side ($10 for 1L) but well worth it, in my opinion.

2. Juice and Guac from the Cherry Pit Sometimes, when I don’t feel like making my own fresh juice, it’s nice to have a go-to. Unfortunately, the ingredients are generally not organic but they are still nutritionally good for you, with a side of pesticides… can’t win them all but, i have to say it is tasty. The guac is perfect for an afternoon snack and avocado is on the clean fifteen list.

3. Glory Bowl Salad Dressing from Hearts Choices Thai Vegan  Ok, I absolutely love this stuff! It tastes so good and is super healthy! With nutritional yeast and tahini it is the perfect addition to any lunch salad. Also, go check out their cafe in the Brick Plaza… SO, SO good! And, of course, the best for last…

4. Morning Glory Muffins and Savoury Croissants from Yum Bakery  All the treats from Yum Bakery are delicious. In my house, we are huge fans of their morning glory muffins and today, I opted for the savoury croissant treat which is pastry with mushrooms, arugula, cheese and a garlic aioli drizzle. YUM!

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